Pokémon X and Y Seem Rushed, Need More Polish

GenGAME writes: Pokémon has finally made the jump from the 2D realm of sprites to a fully 3D (in every sense of the word, given the stereoscopic functions of the 3DS) world. Is the dimensional upgrade the right move for the Pokémon franchise?

That depends on if it’s done right. The change gives Pokémon the ability to do new things, but Game Freak has to make sure they don’t rush the sixth generation and release an underachieving game experience.

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disturbing_flame2198d ago

Rushed ? maybe not, maybe the game has just been developped for the DS and has been ported to 3DS

Erimgard2198d ago

That goes against what the developers have said.

Trunkz Jr2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

How does it lack polish or even seen as a port? If they make it like any Pokemon game, it's going to be huge and have tons of content, you can't make it look like Vita, have 3D and have hundreds of PKMN with levels and towns.

Tei7772197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

lol, why do I see this sentiment so often. People need to stop pretending that actual effort is put into these pokemon games and that their presentation shortfalls are a result of technical limitation. Yes, there are hundreds of pokemon to model and animate but pokemon are not detailed characters, nor is there movement highly realistic.

Look at Monster hunter freedom unite on the psp. It has 80 monster in it and every single one of them is many times more complex than even the most ambitious pokemon, boasting fluid animations and detailed texture maps. Alongside this they have their own AI and Behaviour. We're talking about a game on the PSP!

The truth is nintendo has never and probably never will give the pokemon games the budget they deserve and Gamefreak will probably never set their ambitions higher then the absolute minimal.

TruthbeTold2198d ago

If anything was perhaps rushed, then it would be the assets that they used for the incomplete build of the game used for the trailer.

The game doesn't release until October. That's over 8 months of finishing and polishing time before production starts. I don't see what the issue is here...

KingWilly1052198d ago

I don't think it's fair to say the game is unpolished yet; the game isn't out yet, it's in the process of being polished right now.

zerocrossing2198d ago

Yeah the last 10% of game design is polish, best not judge the graphical aspects of it till closer to release.

Blastoise2198d ago

True. They've got the best part of a year to get this game finished

Mainsqueeze2198d ago

Yeah i honestly don't see how you can call this game rushed yet when we have literally only seen a 2 min trailer and its still got almost a year more of dev time.

overrated442198d ago

So based on this article it should be assumed that the author has already played the game, which is impossible. Speculation post, I'll pass.

Erimgard2198d ago

The article is about graphics. Which can be seen in the trailers.

Hicken2198d ago

Isn't it STILL too early?

Outside_ofthe_Box2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

There is plenty of time for them to polish up the graphics. To say a game seems rushed and needs more polish 9 months before it's even out is ridiculous. I mean, what do you expect they'll being doing from now to release? Twiddling their thumbs?

khowat2198d ago

Yeah, I see where the author is coming from but then again the Pokemon series JUST got 3D graphics. Of course it doens't make effective use of the 3ds's capabilities but then again it's Pokemon, graphics aren't and never will be what makes it great. Black and white 2 which was pretty much black and white was the 4th highest selling game of 2012 right behind black ops 2 and Halo 4. I have very few doubts that this pokemon game could do any worse that 6 million copies...

GlaceEx2198d ago

it does take advantage of the 3ds's full capabilities just not yet... on the official pokemon website it even says that on the pokemon x an y page at the bottom... and they increased the graphics abit with B2W2, but they were on the same system so it had hard to change the graphics more... and i am sure pokemon x and y will be the best selling games of the year... i know people who hated every generation of pokemon after the originals who want these games and some people who have hated pokemon in general who want them...

BlackWolf2198d ago

I don't know... It's too early to judge it. I thinks the graphics level, in comparison to Pokedex 3D and MD 3DS, is because the Pokemon RPG system needs to play in real time (loading time-wise). Again, it's still in development, so there's still room for improvements, but it doesn't look rushed to me.

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