We ballsed things up with Hellgate, Roper admits

"I think that people had incredibly high expectations that we simply didn't meet", Flagship boss Bill Roper has admitted in an interview with PC Zone on Hellgate: London.

Looking back the RPG was surrounded by hefty anticipation due to it hailing from the team responsible for the Diablo series, but it ended up experiencing a rocky launch last year, blighted by major bugs.

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Joey Gladstone4864d ago

Was it really as bad as all that??? or did people seriously get their hopes up too high?.
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

Relcom4864d ago

There were alot of technical problems with the game. Alot of people (including me) believe the game was rushed and not finished.

Plus Diablo 2 consumed peoples lives for years and as soon as they heard that Bill Roper was making it and the things they were saying, i expected nothing but greatness.

Superiorrior4864d ago

I played the beta for a very long time, since the beginning, I saw the worst of the problems and I have to say most of the problems cropped up at the end like they said themselves, really unfortunate because this game could become really fun, a little bit more polish could have gone along way as well, the memory leak stills exists which makes it hard to play for hours at a time without wanting to throw a fit on your rig. This game doesn't have a strong story behind it, but the graphics are enough to make you drool, and the constant killing should keep you occupied for months, plus the expansion.

Keowrath4864d ago

One of the most common problems was the spinning glyphs of doom which was the loading screen to get into the actual game. These would spin forever and the game would just sit there. Flagship has been asked time and time and time again what was up but nothing was done and Flagship just left it as we don't know, probably a problem your end goodbye...

I was on beta and I'm not being funny but Beta was smoother than the full release. At least the game bloody worked. I haven't tried to log in since mid January, just can't be bothered and to think I was originally gonna get a subscription.

Yes... The game is that bad but only if you get to actually play it!

Rooted_Dust4864d ago

Hellgate was addictive while you played it, but as soon as you move on to another game you'll probably never pick it up again.

KeenanTheSavage4864d ago

yeah, and I'm pretty sure that that's how it's going to stay. It's not just going to be that amazing game that you can pick up and play whenever you want, and really be able to get into it.