DmC: Devil May Cry | The Sun review

DmC is as good, if not better than any Devil May Cry title before it.

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zerocrossing2472d ago

"DmC is as good, if not better than any Devil May Cry title before it."

I beg to differ, DmC may be a decent action game but to say it comes even close to the quality of previous titles is ridiculous.

Abash2472d ago

"DmC is as good, if not better than any Devil May Cry title before it."

Yeah, that means little to nothing since this is The Sun making that statement, I doubt they dug through the depths of past Devil May Crys game mechanics to make such a claim

HarryMasonHerpderp2472d ago

The Sun is one of the most credible newspapers in the UK.

wishingW3L2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

a newspaper doing a game review, what a joke... And to say that it is better than DMC3 the guy most be nuts. But it's understandable, the battle system on the reboot was made for the casuals.

"Combat is crucial to DmC, so you’ll be relieved to hear Ninja Theory have it spot-on. With depth and substance invested, both ---> remaining faithful to the series while adding new potential favourites"

And they are credible... Battle system is in no way faithful to the series when they completely turned it into a button masher with broken damage boost after a dodge, gave you infinite air-time, changed styles for weapon switching ala Heavenly Sword, etc.

Eyeco2471d ago

The Sun arguably the worst newspaper in britain , between The Daily Mail and The Daily Star

XB1_PS42471d ago

Haha, I sincerely thought you linked an article about their credibility. You got me.

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zerocrossing2471d ago

Nope, but neither did The Sun.

Played the demo though, that sucked.

360ICE2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Well, it is.
I've played it, btw. And if I were to chose between this and, say DMC2, I'd take black haired, douchebag Dante any day of the week. Actually tried DMC4 again after this, and the control system now feels clumsy in comparison.

In fact, DmC: Devil May Cry isn't just a solid DMC. It's the best DMC, game of the year and the best game of all time. It's the crowning achievement of mankind and infinitely better than anything made by other species.

Ok, maybe I went a little overboard there. But it's good.

listenkids2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Agreed for humour.
(Most will eat their own words when "credible" websites give it decent reviews)

zerocrossing2471d ago

With logic like that how can I disagree.

Trenta272471d ago

It hasn't come out yet so how would you know?

zerocrossing2471d ago

Did anyone else actually play the Demo?

They make those to demonstrate the game you know? and the finished product doesn't tend to be much different in quality, that said the demo sucked, IMO of course.

fossilfern2471d ago

I played the demo and I played it at Eurogamer in September and I enjoyed it. The combat system is pretty nice and theres a good video on youtube showing all the animation cancellations and stuff. If the gameplay is good then whats the problem? I have been playing DmC since DMC1 and I really enjoyed it.

Trenta272471d ago

Didn't know there was a demo. My bad.

STONEY42471d ago

Street date was broken at several places. There have been streams, and a number of people on other forums have early copies too.

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Lionalliance2471d ago

You mean Devil May Cry 2 ....LOL!

Root2471d ago

It's a step back for the franchise rather then a step forward and they have the cheek to say that

It's easier, it's broken, theres no skill involved a CORE mechanic of the old games, weapons aren't creative, characters are boring then the old ones, Donte is a douchebag now.....oh and it's not even 60fps....ANOTHER STEP BACK.

Seriously what's going on, your supposed to review the game as a sequel to the old games, if it doesn't take a step forward but rather a step back for the franchise as a whole then it's not good...mark it down.

A sequel is about improving on from the last game, seriously I feel it's all about money behind closed doors.

J-Killer152471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

I told you man we have to accept that gaming journalists are going to eat this game up. There's nothing wrong with that because the game was designed with a different audience in mind.

It's ok if DMC isn't a Japanese action game anymore. We have Bayonetta 2 and MGR coming out. We should be alright.

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Linko642471d ago

If anyone takes The Sun serisoly then you have mental problems. It's the most vile publication around.

Linko642471d ago

6 people disagreed? Enjoy a publication invading people's life? Hacking murder victims phones? Print lies about innnoncent people? Creating hysteria over violent games, condemning them only to review and praise them the next day? A vile paper filled with lies, fear mongering, disgraceful stain on humanity.

HammadTheBeast2471d ago

Well, we got Fox News. But I agree.

MadMax2470d ago

I think you meant MSNBC

Gran Touring2470d ago

@MadMax No, I think he meant Fox News

neoMAXMLC2471d ago

The Sun "violent video games are the cause for violent behavior from children!"
Gives high score to violent video game weeks later.

zerocrossing2471d ago

Hypocrisy at its finest.

And just look at the defenders of this game use the suns review score as some kind of assurance of its quality.

vallencer2471d ago

People are defending the game because they liked the demo and they like the concept. Why does it matter if they like it and are willing to defend it? It's not like it hurts you if thy do. Unless they're rude about it.

VileAndVicious2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Agreed. Some people just like the game. And apparently it doesn't matter who reviews this game...because if it gets higher than a 7 people will say the review was bought..

So who really needs assurance? Those that have liked the game or those who have hated it from the start. But honestly had it be given a 7 or whatever I still would buy it. Because I've enjoyed the demo personally

kenshiro1002471d ago

I noticed that whenever someone says they enjoyed the demo, they receive disagrees or people attacking them for liking the game. zerocrossing, GIVE IT A REST. I understand why people dislike the direction of DMC but you also have to accept the fact that people may actually like the game.

pr0digyZA2471d ago

Wow out of 7 reviews it hasn't scored below an 89% I am pretty surprised by that. It will be interesting when the online people can publish their reviews.

vallencer2471d ago

Game informer gave it at 9/10. Their online mag is out.

Mocat2471d ago

The sun (UK)
Ninja Theory (UK)
Game gets 9/10
Coincidence i think not

HarryMasonHerpderp2471d ago

I doubt the Sun really put that much thought into it to be honest. They don't research anything lol

MrDead2471d ago

So a game made in America that gets good reviews from and American magazine, news channel or site is only getting a good review because it’s made in America?

A Japanese game that gets a good review from a Japanese site only gets a good review because it’s Japanese?

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