The Big Issue: Has Gears 2 saved 2008 for MS?

Will anything sell as well on the 360 this year as Gears of War 2? The first game has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide - a quite stupendous achievement for a brand new IP. Expect the second game to surpass that by quite some margin. We might not see Halo 3 numbers, but it will push it close, that's for sure.

If we look down the list at 2008's exclusive 360 games, there's nothing that can compete with this.

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Iamback3893d ago

Halo numbers? Give me a brake no way it is going to sell that good.
It wont sell as good as first one either and here are obvious reasons why.
1.GEOW1 sold so good because it was firs real next gen game on consoles, graphic wise and gameplay wise.
2.There was no real competition, no game to challenge it in any way, but this year there will be ton of game, better games, and if not better, than games that people will pick instead of GEOW2. Gamers didn't have that choice back in 06

LaChance3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Thaét means Res 2 will sell less than Res 1.Because ther was no competition for Res 1 but now there will be Haze and KZ 2.
Geow 2 will sell more than the first one simply because the install base is double and the 360 attach rate has increased even more since.
Moreover checkout Halo , every new Halo has sold faster than the previous one.Geow 2 is the new Halo for MSFT sonce Halo is gone.
Moreover it will be the holiday season so expect MSFT to push this game the same way they did for Halo and you wann tell me that in spite of all that Geow 2 will sell less than the first one .
And though ther is alot of good games on PS3 at the end pf the year not one can compete with the Commercial/Hype power that Geow 2 will have plus 99 % of the people who bought the first one were more than satisfied with their purchase.
I dont know if you were just being biaise , jealous or maybe just maybe misinformed.

kewlkat0073893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

your logic has a flaw

1. There are certain factors we can look at, for Gears of War 2 to be just as successful, if not, exceeding Gears/1 prior sales. You choose to rely on the fact that Gears 1 was the first rue next-gen good looking game, but then again, you can say that about a lot of games that have been on the PS3 as well.

Going by the same logic, if you put "Uncharted" or "Resistance" and "Motorstorm" in all the same boat and when they came out, ( all them games looked awesome) Does that also mean the potential for them games to sell more then their predecessor, is limited as well?

1. Again we are talkiing about Shooters, but they sell well on the 360.

-Gears of War - 4.5 million(Intallbase of 8-10 million at the time)
-Halo 3 - 8 million
-Call Of Duty 4 - Almost 5 mill on the 360 and rising.

A. The 360 Market has grown since Gears of War with more potential for buyers besides the Original owners that bought the game. That's always a Plus for devs.

B. Gears of war was a major success for a new IP. We said the same about Halo but what shooter has dethroned Halo in sales of just 3 games? (regardless of how you may feel about the game)

C.It's clear that EPIC is utilizing the UT3 engine to the fullest, so Expect a much better game than the first.(Biggest gripes, short campaign and Online glitches)

D. Yes there are more games to choose from but not every BIG budget game gets marketed as well as lets say "Halo 3". A factor you have to consider when it comes to MS and their 1st-party titles.

I see halo 2 like frenzy over again. It is a big Budget title that will get Marketed well. EPIC will listen to the Gripes. Pre-orders will be Crazy since we know most will be waiting for it, the teaser at GDC confirms this, while not much. It seems to be EPIC gets a lot of RESPECT so who will doubt Gears 2.

hades073893d ago

Well I was going to read the comments and “try” to have a sensible discussion here but it seems like whenever a new 360 topic appears out comes the testosterone and everything turns into a pissing contest (I own a 360, not a PS3 so I don’t know what it is like in the PS3 comments because I have no reason to read their articles). We all know which games are coming out for what system and if you don’t, check out any gaming site, it will take like five minutes. I mean we all know MGS4, GeOW2, GT5, Ninja Gaiden 2, etc will be critically and commercial hits. Games like Too Human, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, Fable 2…none of those games are released yet or their developers have not lived up to their promises on previous games, so no one knows if any of these games are going to be successful, just pure speculation so why keep arguing that such games are amazing exclusives when they could all end up being a disappointment.

If you look at 90% of the comments here they should be in the Open Zone because their just pissing contest comments, nothing worthwhile or further educating on the topic. N4G should make a permanent release schedule on the website so from now on fanboys wouldn’t have to bore everyone repeating over and over which games are coming out for which system. If you don’t know what games are coming out use google.

TheSadTruth3893d ago

9 agrees? Is this site finally swaying away from the mass Sony propaganda?

sonarus3893d ago

well to be honest i think gears 1 has a pretty good chance of selling as well as the first one and the reason being there really isn't anything else for 360 only owners to buy. The only thing stopping gears of war from selling more than the first would have to be momentum shift. If the ps3 has successfully shifted momentum from 360 significantly by the time of gears 2 release then it probably won't sell as well. Resistance may sell better than the 1st depending on how well it is received but to sell as well it will need to gather the sales of new console owners and the whole 8 player coop and 60 player online must be well received as well.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

The thing you seem to be missing is that PlayStation Home will be released by then. PlayStation Home is a good alternative for advertisment. Resistence and Motor Storm were pretty much launch titles. Does anyone still talk about Perfect Dark Zero? There are thousands of PlayStation 2 owners waiting to get their PlayStation 3s.

With Home alone that adds more content to the game than the XBOX 360 counter part. With all this said people by then will know what Home is like. They can advertise like crazy in Home and spread the word much faster.

So Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Motor Storm 2, Final Fantasy XIII (maybe), LittleBigPlanet, Bionic Commando (PSN), The Agency, Grand Tuismo 5 Prologue, The Getaway, Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, Haze, WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within, etc. can all be advertise like crazy to sell more on the PlayStation 3.

Home is more then creating your 3D profile (apartment) it's about communicating, connecting, and sharing with users and developers a like.

Profile HTML:

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resistance1003893d ago

I don't think it will TBH, The 2nd sequel on one console its normally much of a system mover. Still it is the one game for 360 i will pick up this year (i don't think we will see ALan Wake and BK3 til 09)

wow4u3892d ago

"The Big Issue: Has Gears 2 saved 2008 for MS?"

No. Because the Xbox 360 didnt need to be "saved" in 2008.

Even without Gears of War 2, there are a dozen AAA exclusives.

That said, Gears of War 2 will likely be on many Game of the Year lists, and will outsell just about everything (maybe not madden/GTA and other such super-mass games)

beavis4play3892d ago

name those other exclusives that are on par with gears? an arguement could be made for gaiden 2 but that's about it.

Kleptic3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Gears 2 is far and away the biggest exclusive the 360 has in 2008...360 owners keep acting like its just 'another' huge title to add to the list...but it isn't...its the only big one...and you know it...

NG2 will be awesome...but its not going to touch the amount of hype and coverage that Gears 2 will get...Fable 2?...guys make fun of the first killzone, and state that the 2nd will suck because of it...and then turn around and say that Fable 2 will be epic, despite the first one falling relatively short of its expectations...

then what?...Too Human?...thats a AAA title now?...I'll wait and see what happens to Too Human when Epic's counter-suit shows its head...Halo Wars? really think that game has a chance at grabbing RTS fans when StarCraft 2 drops this year also?...Alan Wake?...why is it that almost every single rumor around this game is that it has moved to PC only? hasn't been shown for years...if its coming out this year, then where is it?...Remedy is an awesome developer, so if it does splash on the 360...that will be great...but you really think its comparable to Gears 2?

face it...the 360's lineup, save Gears 2, is tailored for those that already own the sales will be great...however system sales will continue to slow...there is not one big franchise or new IP coming that has any potential compared to the 'other side'...

You guys have to admit...all of your flipping out is because you already own the think people that don't own a 360 are the least bit impressed with its lineup this year?...There is no buzz about it in the PS2 ranks...Gears 2 will grab a lot of them...but you can almost pin-point the time when people started to notice the PS3's coming attractions...and ever since then the 360 has been getting fed tail-lights...

be happy...Gears 2 will end up being one of the best games of the year...but also be realistic...without Gears 2...from the standpoint of someone looking to buy a 360 or PS3, the 360 didn't have a chance in 2008...

EDIT: How exactly did I reply to nothing?...

Adamalicious3892d ago

What dozen AAA exclusives? Do you understand what AAA means? I really can't think of 12 AAA games coming exclusively to the 360 in 2008.

Daishi3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Too Human
Fable 2
Alan Wake (possible for 08)
Halo Wars (not because it has Halo in the name but because of the studio that is handeling the game)
Lost Odessey
Ninja Gaiden 2 ;)
Crash Time
Culdcept Saga
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements
Guilty Gear 2: Overture
Infinite Undescovery
Operation Darkness (may not be AAA but I have very high hopes)
Project Offset (originaly a PS3 exclusive)
Tales of Vesperia
Splinter Cell Conviction (probably not a AAA but still high on my list)
Lets not forget about all those Xbox Live Arcade games but I will count those as one for time and space saving.
Also don't forget the PC and 360 only games, some wouldn't count those because you can pick them up on PC but the main point being that you can't play them on PS3. Oops went over a dozen sorry... Well the others are just exclusive and I'm not too excited about them anyway, my point being GAMES are out there for whoever wants to play them on whatever system you own (sucks for we who own all 3). Don't just count the games you read about in GI please... This was to say that Gears didn't save the 360 in 08, it was more of the cherry on top ;p

EastCoastSB3892d ago

He said 12 AAA titles, not 4 and a bunch of other games that are mediocre.

Daishi3892d ago

At above^, a game doesn't have to be in a magazine to be AAA. If by AAA you mean selling over three million copies then I would agree with you, however, you need to realize that not everyone enjoys the sequalitis that plagues the industry. Do I know if those games are going to be the best thing since sliced bread, no. What we are doing here is speculating, and that's why I listed mainly new IPs. How can you say a new IP will be mediocre? Even some mediocre games sell millions (most everything made be EA for example). It's all speculation until December 31.

JVIDICAN3892d ago

but... a game has to be rated above 9.0(overall) to be AAA and only about 4 of those will

Daishi3892d ago

But those games haven't been rated yet so how do you know? Did we think when Bioshock was first revealed it would become GOTY? Speculation.

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Iron Man 23893d ago

This is so obvious since Gears Of War 2 is the only game to look forward to on the XBOX Turd60 in 2008


JasonPC360PS3Wii3893d ago

that will be waiting for games but "watching" movies instead.

Exhaust3893d ago

so they can agree themselves up. Go play some games instead of making extra accounts if your platform is so great.

Both 360 and PS3 are great consoles. Anyone that says otherwise has a lack of self worth that makes them root for a corporate team like sheep.

darkSnipar3893d ago

you're just jealous from darksniper because he became a popular character here,,,, heck even me after contemplating this situation, i decided to change my nickname... and nice look n4g, it is been a while since last i dropped here, good changes...

Snukadaman3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Im sure some of these idiots have more then one account..log off and agree with themselves...spout propaganda and disagree with people who dont share their I said before...check the most idiotic sony supporters with the idiotic xbox supporters and you will see what side has more say in things...dam pog gots like 150 people ignoring him...while people like darksniper has less then 50. dont even got too go far..look at jason360's ignores. ..the mart actually has 200 ignores ...he wins.

robbo9183892d ago

Having multiple accounts is NOT a Sony fan exclusive, trust me its multi -plat. Getpwnd is one of the single worst at it actually. I think its lame when anyone does it, but <shrug> they do it anyway lol.

Snuk we don't always agree but the reason TheMart is heavily ignored is because he/she is lame, if he/she was a Sony fan and talked like they do I would disagree with them then as well. I disagree with Sony fans when they get idiotic (and wow I am one myself). TheMart rarely makes a legitimate comment that has any grounds in fact. PoG just hits a few nerves at times when he/she gets mad and types nonsense, but I have agreed with many of his/her posts because they made sense. Jason360 is usually a pretty level headed person with some really good posts, just sometimes goes overboard and that gets the ignores. I ignore 1 person and that was for over the top trash talk. Ignoring everyone that doesn't agree with you is stupid IMO, so I agree with part of what you are saying.

I try to stay away from being too off the fanboy edge but I have somehow attracted 7 ignores too lol, and what is this "tracked by", is it an N4G stalker?

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MaximusPrime3893d ago

going to be the same as Halo 3. In non HD

PopEmUp3893d ago

to me Gear2 can be definitely move the system more than the original gear1 does, especially the Ip have been proven as it has promise amongst consumers and gamers with that no one can deny the truth of it potential. Well if you looking to buy an xbox 360 then this game is must buy over NG2, Halo3 or even Alan Wake only if you are a true FPS fans.

Note: Make sure you find an Elite 360 if you are looking for the 360 cause there are a really good chance that you could get RROD from the premium as well as the arcade while you playing Gear2 or anything like Halo3, so be cautious.

princejb1343893d ago

elite also has the same chance of getting RROD as much as the premium and arcade package

jwatt3893d ago

This reminds me of last year with all the ps3 needs saving articals. The 360 doesn't need saving, it's just that since Gears is coming out at the end of the year it makes things more complete. Plus we know Gears will sell extrememly well, plus you got NG2, Too Human, warhammer, Huxley, fable and Halo Wars.

I think the ps3 still has a bigger line up with GT prologue, Haze, Mgs4, The agency, Infamous, Socom, Tekken, LBP, Killzone, Resistance and the recently announced Motorstorm 2. I think White knight story and Heavy Rain are coming out this year too.

wow4u3892d ago


A) Reported as SPAM or Off-topic
B) You're comment belongs -->
C) Most importantly -- you are 100% dead wrong. The heat issues were solved on the elite via CPU/GPU changes, redesign and component shrink and elimination.

Please take your tired, stale lies somewhere else.

beavis4play3892d ago

this is off topic but you brought it up. the heat issues are solved? then why did ms have 2 systems fail at GDC?

robbo9183892d ago

Lol N4user calling someone stale and having to point out the open the humor in that one.

Beavis, the issues at GDC while being funny in some ways, were not tied to heat. The first one might have overheated but I would too if I was locked in a little plastic box, but the second was a disc read issue that probably didn't have a disc in it (which was some lowly person's job to do and they likely forgot). I am a PS3 fan but the X360 RROD GDC issues are just not true. Most problems were fixed with the new board, yes there are still problems but more in line with normal electronic failure rates.

Xbox is the BEST3892d ago

175 watt 360 are been phased in. RROD will be a think of the past.

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