PS3 to Include Talladega Nights Blu-Ray Movie??

Rumor has it that Talladega Nights will be included with every PS3 at launch!...Also other nuggets to chew on!

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kmis875908d ago

It'd be awesome if they had this promotion but with The Shawshank Redemption instead of Talladega Nights.

Shadow Flare5908d ago

Man, talladega nights would be so sweet. what a great promotion that would be

shake and bake

Optimus Prime5908d ago

that would be cool for the ps3. talladega nights is an amazingly funny movie.

Boink5908d ago

not. crappy movie, in any definition.

HyperBear5908d ago

You obv. have no sense of humor. And obv. you have never seen the movie. But yea, i agree with #2. That would be sweet, cause that movie was funnier than hell. So cool, if they include the Blu-Ray version of it with the PS3.

Boink5908d ago

I do, unfortunately this movie does blow. It's the the exact same goofy stupid colin farrel character we've seen in every movie, every skit since saturday night live...and it's gotten old.

Adversary5908d ago

That's uh... Will Farrell... Colin Farrell is another crappy actor. He was Bullseye, and Alexander *shudder*.

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The story is too old to be commented.