New Silent Hill V screenshots published a new batch of Silent Hill V screenshots.

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Lifendz3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

the scariest franchise in games. Silent Hill 2 will remain one of the all-time scariest moments in gaming. Can't wait to see what they do on a next-gen console.

LocustGR3889d ago

Yeah, SH2 was indeed frightful and I think that It's the best SH game.
But I have still some doubt on this game.

T_O873889d ago

I want Gameplay video ! cant wait for SH5 , and about SH2 yea its the best in its genre imo

BachelorBrit3889d ago

I have already seen these screenshots a few days ago.

I cannot wait for this game though I am quite a fan of the Silent Hill series. I think The Collective deserve a chance with the Silent Hill franchise they worked hard to get the project.

I agree though we need a trailer Collective or Konami soon!

PS360WII3889d ago

I've played them all but The Room. These games are pretty slick

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