Games Convention renamed GAMESCom, moved to Cologne

VG247: "Breaking news from the Leipzig press conference. Leipziger Messe has just confirmed that Games Convention as we know it is now more, and that the event has been moved to Cologne for 2009. Its new name is GAMESCom."

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SageFrancis3889d ago

awh this sucks, I went last year and I think I'm going this year, Leipzig is a very nice place and the convention area is massive, definately had a really good time (met hideo kojima and got a metal gear sold4 t-shirt off him :D)

Oh well I hope it's just as good in cologne.

Fishy Fingers3889d ago

"Games Convention as we know it is now more" NOW? people should really read through what they write before posting it. I know its a tiny mistake but stuff like that just bugs me.

Sidherich3889d ago

I live about 20 minutes by train from Cologne. Makes it easier to attend for me :D