New MotorStorm PS3 Crash Trailer

Wrecks and racing in the gorgeous PS3 game MotorStorm. Check out the latest trailer.

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drewdrakes5898d ago

Look at that, freaking unbelievable. Looks fantastic. Who was the guy who said that hes not impressed by next-gen graphics?

Antan5898d ago

Looking better and better by the day. i think this is overtaking RFOM as being the top choice for release titles. Will offer a great alternative to PGR3 on my 360 which has been getting some hammer lately!!!!!

Boink5898d ago

I still don't see any proof that this is actual gameplay...I mean what's with the camera movement? gameplay doesn't do that. show me in car, speedometer, y'know gameplay vids.

on a plus I like the physics of the bodies flying about!

andy capps5898d ago

If you've seen any of the other gameplay videos at other websites you'd know that this is actual gameplay (which is done for almost all games), some of it is from different angles like is commonly done in trailers, but the parts behind the motorcycle are the third person view in the game and look spectacular.

zypher5898d ago

you know how you play Gran Turismo, then you watch the exact same thing that you just played in replay? this video of Motorstorm is exactly like that. it is real-time, and it is gameplay. its like playing a racing game, and having the ability to manipulate the camera while you're driving.

PS3 Ultimate5898d ago

But in cinematic camera views. I think it was re-edited gameplay camera views

specialguest5898d ago

i don't get why it's a hard concept to understand when people think it's not gameplay. i'll break it down in steps:

1. they play the game in it's normal camera angle and game.

2. since they are the developers, they have total control of camera angle and views to show the game in.

3. they edit everything together and make it look cinematic.

this is done in tv, movies, and video games. when you only have a limited about of minutes to sell your show/movie/game, you want to use the best angle and the coolest action packed part.

of course you don't play the actual game in those extreme camera angle! but everything in that video is actual gameplay.

Antan5898d ago (Edited 5898d ago )

I think what people are really getting at this the ingame engine or pre-rendered CG? it is of course the ingame engine, as someone said edited for cinematic effect, same as the MGS trailers from years gone past, same as probably most trailers out there right now.

andy capps5898d ago (Edited 5898d ago )

Yes, same as the Gears of War trailers and some of the Elveon trailers if I'm not mistaken. You can tell that all three are in-engine, and actual gameplay, but it looks much better as a trailer if you have the "Hollywood" type camera angles. Also, when people think that it can't actually be gameplay, that speaks something to the incredible graphics of this game...

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The story is too old to be commented.