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February 25, 2008 - IGN feels like we hear this all the time, but first-person shooters really are a dime a dozen these days, especially on Xbox 360 which is seen as the de facto "shooter console" in the eyes of many gamers. With so many similar products vying for the attention of the many Xbox devotees it certainly takes a special gaming experience to impress the masses. Call of Duty 4 was able to do it, BioShock certainly pulled it off, Halo 3 did it for a time and now it's Frontlines: Fuel of War trying to make its mark on Xbox 360 sales charts. It's a game rooted in present day headlines as the world is being torn apart by warring nations competing for the coveted oil that has been the bane of our existence here in reality for far too long. While the time frame for Fuel of War is set in the future, the issues that it tackles certainly hit home. Now the only question is if the gameplay can do the same.

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Mr Marbles3891d ago

Last thing we need are more games that suck

360_Rules3891d ago

This game does not suck. It's the 360's version of Warhawk except better graphics and more players 50. Go back to playing Lair PS3 fanboys.

InMyOpinion3891d ago

A game that's getting review scores of 7-8/10 does not suck according to me.

Oh, now I see! It's not on the PS3. That explains your comment.

Captain Tuttle3891d ago

sucked but I had lots of fun with the MP one. I'll probably pick it up.

Valin3891d ago

Then Over 2/3 of 360 Games suck and 2/3 of PS3 games suck, And I'm not pulling that out of my ass.
And if this sucks and no body buys it then a good Independent studio (Kaos) could close down.

50 player Multiplayer
Dedicated Servers
New different Multiplayer
It's not Starting at Full Price it's a 10 bucks off game.

I'd say fair dues to Kaos it's their first big game and 7.6 is pretty good off IGN for your first game.

THE TERMINATOR3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

7.6 score LOL
After all the hype of having 50 player online from the BABOONS, whats the point when the game SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i Shank u3891d ago

oh no it must suck because "teh terminator" says so; my day is ruined!

Greysturm3891d ago

But swince i still prefer a solid single above a great multilayer i think ill pass.

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