Edge Preview: LittleBigPlanet

Edge writes: LittleBigPlanet is now fundamentally complete, in pre-alpha bug-testing and due for a closed beta trial in early summer for some final tweaking. After that, the real work begins – ours. That might seem glib, even a little like an advertising line (something similar will doubtless market the title) but it's fundamental to any assessment of the game that hopes to play bridesmaid to the next level of user-generated content on home consoles.

In fact, previewing LBP might be considered an exercise in futility – it's a game that can only be accurately assessed months (if not years) after release, rather than months before completion.

LBP has always looked like knockabout fun. But the clearer the structure being built around it becomes, and the commitment of Media Molecule and SCE to redefining how a console can work with user-generated content grows, the more obvious it is that LBP has the potential to become something remarkable. At the very least, LBP will be a novelty that is continually freshened. At its very best, it could set a new standard for involving a community in a game – and see an overdue return for Sony to the frontlines of videogame innovation.

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omoshiroi3978d ago

I can't wait, I have some crazy idea's of my own already for a level. I can see myself spending long hours on this when it's released.

AllroundGamer3978d ago

you're not the only one :)

Julie3978d ago

And i hope that you guys invite me to your levels :3

Fishy Fingers3978d ago

Love the look of LBP, infact, love everything about it!

Might be a bold statement but over time i see myself spending more hours on this than MGS or Killzone!

Darkiewonder3978d ago

Those look like new pictures to me. Can't wait for the LBP BETA!