Ten decent Xbox 'Games on Demand' deals

GamesAsylum rounds up the best deals on the Xbox 'Games on Demand' service

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Kinger89383075d ago

Oh dear these prices are awful, and that on offer?

Steam has the right idea when it comes to sales, these are old games

NonShinyGoose3075d ago

They aren't on offer. These are the usual prices which are vastly cheaper than buying these games at retail.

NonShinyGoose3075d ago

If you can find a copy of Tales of Vesperia for less than £20 or Bully for less than £12 then please enlighten the rest of us.

the_zero3075d ago

I got Tales of Vesperia for £18 from Zavvi about 3 months ago. It's gone back up to £22 - £25 but I'm sure it'll be back down again. You can often get 10% off vouchers from Zavvi too.