Sony SimulView gets even more bananas in 4K, we go eyes-on

We've seen Sony SimulView in action before -- the system was first unveiled on Sony's tiny 24-inch PlayStation 3D Display back at E3 2011 -- but never quite like this. An 84-inch 4K LED Sony television at CES 2013 upscaled Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 to 4K resolution, but instead of employing said resolution for graphics, it was used to deliver two full HD images to two separate players. Those two separate HD feeds are then pumped into the same screen, which can be viewed fully independently by two separate people wearing polarized glasses, all at the same time.

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jujubee884150d ago

I might need to buy a simulview TV soon.

ABizzel14150d ago

The PlayStation TV was only $99 at Best Buy on Black Friday. Got one for my little brother.

Now they need to focus on this tech, because it's more important than 3D. Give us 40", 50", and 60" and let people watch multiple things on the same TV, and people will buy.

Husband plays the game, while the wife watches TV.

Husband watches sports, while the wife watches a Lifetimes.

kids watch cartoons, wife watches soap opera, husband watches a movie, and grandma watches the new all on the same TV.

Now find out how to get the audio worked out, and you have a seller. 1080p models, 2k models, and 4k models. 240hz

jujubee884150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

I wonder if it would work. PS4 would be more than powerful enough to do that kind of trick; it's just up to the TV display tech to see if it can be done.

Most Simulview tech demos have been running two overlapped images of the same game (not stuff like you described).

240hz and up is also really important. Sony has been ragged on by rhythm genre fans, fighting genre fans and John Carmack for not optimizing the hz rate on their display technologies.

p.s. I remember seeing people at bestbuy grab a bunch of those Playstation simulview TV's along with PS3's (during black friday). If I would have known the display was that low ($99), I would have bought one as well.

ABizzel14150d ago


I know, it sounds great having simulview TV, and IMO that's the next step for TV's not just standard 3D.

TV providers need to look towards that, and Sony needs to lead the way by producing TV's capable of up to 4 "simulviews".

At least 240Hz is needed, because I'm sure it'll drop down to 60Hz per simulview, since it's basically rending 4 3D images at once, but that's expected (480 Hz would still give you a beneficial 120Hz).

As far as gaming it would be the greatest thing since split screen. I love playing with my friends, but I'm usually better than them, so they cheat and screen peak all the time, having this eliminates that, and I can thrash them as I've done before when we play online.

On top of that gaming on a 40" and everyone having their own 40" screen is so much better than breaking the 40" up into 4 tiny 10" x 10" squares.

Yeah Sony needs to get this out and selling.

P.S. (lol)

Yeah that's too bad, I tried to check and see if Best Buy had anymore, and they've been sold out since Black Friday. It's a great TV and it's 240Hz I believe, if only it was bigger (32").

MultiConsoleGamer4150d ago

Simulview was already amazing. This is incredible.

r214150d ago

I gotta say, that must be one hell of an UltraHD/4K experience.

black9114150d ago

The reason Tech like this doesnt succed. Is


joel_c174150d ago

Fantastic - did Sony create this technology first?

krisq4150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

I don't think so. Phillips did something similiar few years ago with onboard car entertainment systems where driver and passenger could see two different things on one screen through polarizing layer (navigation and dvd movie for example). Sony could be first to use it on TVs though.

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Sony Patents To Prevent You From In-Game Harassment By Reading Your Emotions

A new patent recently published by Sony wants to gather biometric data of gamers to track whether one is being harassed using AI tools.

Profchaos28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I hope this is one of those patents that never comes to fruition.

I already dislike the fact you can pay a significant amount for a online service buy associated games and content on said service and get banned from that service over potentially a misunderstanding the bans are already handed out for flimsy reasons

I'd rather see money invested in a ban that simply removes the offensive players ability to communicate with unknown players allow them to continue party chats with friends but not with Joe blow on cod.

exputers28d ago

Agreed. Blizzard recently banned a college Overwatch 2 player who's dependent for saying "shit." Pretty harsh.

Profchaos27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

How rediculas really. You can't say a word that's allowed in most PG films and prime time TV but the game is based around killing the enemy team using guns, explosives etc.

It's just backwards.

just_looken27d ago

What your talking about is called block list

In 2006 a spaceship dropped of the playstation 3/xbox 360 i say that that generation was the last great gen with game functions/tech that has yet to comeback

Anyhow the playstation 3 if you block listed a id they could not talk to you in chatroom with either text or voice. But that was pre mind fucked 2018 when people were more human than sheep.

But hey gta 6 is coming out billion dollar budget without a single player custom character creator and without singeplayer coop off/online something saints row 1-3 had on the xbox 360.

z2g28d ago

Take my social security and bank account numbers too! Here’s a picture of my wife and our address.

phoenixwing28d ago

Cmon where's the pictures of your children. Don't hold out on them.

H928d ago

At this rate I feel Sony will eventually sell a room to play games in it where they can monitor your every breath

jambola28d ago

I genuinely get a bit worried sometimes when a friend says something that could be offensive In a party
Because I have no trouble believing some bans would happen when in a private party for saying something wrong

SegaSaturn66928d ago

I want them to censor erotic content by measuring my groin temperature so i dont get too distracted while playing black ops 2.

Popsicle28d ago

Terrible idea. Not only do I not consent to providing my biometric data, the potential for mishandling biometric data is almost a certainty. Positive stress and negative stress can produce similar changes in biometrics. Interpreting the precise emotion a person is feeling is not only invasive but could be easily misconstrued. I hope this never comes to fruition.