CD Projekt Red trailer: Yet another symptom of a sexist games industry

Digitally Downloaded writes: "It's a pity, because CD Projekt Red games are incredible. The Witcher 2 is my favourite western-style RPG since the original Baldur's Gate, as cringeworthy as its portrayal of women is. I have no doubt whatsoever that this game will also be incredible.

So why the heck do they feel like they need to prove the critics of the games industry right?"

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ElementX2200d ago

Well you don't want some women as models for the game. I suppose a lot of the male characters are butch, muscled, and have sculpted features. It's not just the gaming industry, either. Look at models for clothing, cologne, anything really.

Bathyj2200d ago

Well said. Every industry uses sex to sell.

And if I'm a guy, and I love girls, and I'm the key demographic why shouldnt the devs cater to me?

And why should I be made to feel bad about that?

000012200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

this cracks me up because, i have some friends who are male models and even they dont look as good as nathen drake or as buff as marcus phoenix. the male protagonists in the video games look as sexualized as their female counter parts. im tired of people trying to be mad about big boobed gorgeous girls in games when the men are just as superficial. how many male gamers actually look like the characters we play as in games, im sure not many.

zeal0us2200d ago

Make a trailer of a half naked muscular man with rock hard abs killing or doing etc. No one complains but half naked women YA GONE TOO FAR!!!!

SilentNegotiator2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

"Whatcha got there? A game where a muscular guy runs around in a loincloth? Cool"

"Whatcha got there? A game with a woman that is half-dressed?!!?! OMG DATS SEXIST!!!"

Most games feature attractive males and females. What we have here is an exaggerated issue, I tell you what.

Red_Orange_Juice2200d ago

not sexist, that's how humans work, it's call biology

hay2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Sooo... Extremely instable, dangerous, blood dripping blade equipped female cyber psychopat is kneeing among massacrated and mutilated people and that's sexist for some because as a predator she's dressed provocative?
While more sexist stuff is being projected into minds of minors by the mainstream media?

Damn world went wrong. And stupid.

ravinash2200d ago

It's basically super stimulus.
Enhancing the items beyond their normal form to heighten their attractiveness.

inveni02200d ago

Boo hoo, someone made women look beautiful... How lame that the characters aren't chubby, gassy, and not willing to shave their legs in the winter...

I'm not for objectifying women, but let's face it...we're animals. If someone wants to provide me a beautiful woman to look at, there's nothing wrong with that. I don't get all bent out of shape over Marcus, Drake, Depp or Pitt... If women have a problem with beautiful women, maybe they should try being beautiful themselves. As it is now, it seems like women who complain about this stuff are just jealous. OF A CARTOON. It's pathetic. Therapy worthy, even.

slayorofgods2200d ago

A different perspective...

I actually think cdprojekt is ahead of its time as far as incorporating sex in games.. In the industry today it's still considered taboo to go very far with it even though Hollywood goes much further.

Cdprojekt games such as Witcher 2 also has a more grown up / mature feel to it.. I give them props for everything they do...

MmaFan-Qc2200d ago

peoples who whine about sexism in media/games are usually simply a bunch of jealous fat cows and ugly girls.


ZombieNinjaPanda2200d ago

Sexism: Prejudice or discrimination based upon sex.

Another term that has become a buzzword.

Parasyte2200d ago

It's the sad reality of the double standard that is present in our society.

snipes1012199d ago

I'd say that this article is a pretty good summation of what element said:

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Bimkoblerutso2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I don't really like being associated with the folks that accuse every pretty lady portrayed in the media of conforming to a sexist agenda (and god knows given our lack of context, this is not the time to already be throwing the "sexist" card around for this game), but it WOULD be nice to get some female characters that weren't super-sexualized and/or over-empowered. You rarely get that in games, even for male characters.

It has always been my stance that there is nothing wrong with sexuality existing in games, but at some point it gets goddamn boring seeing the same characters portrayed with different sexy skins.

Again though, just speaking generally. I am VERY excited for 2077.

DeadlyFire2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

WTF is this crap. Sexist? ...............

Submit another article like this MattS and I will block you and hopefully anything you submit.

Don't disrespect Cyberpunk 2077 without having the full game in your hand and actually witnessing the way it is meant to be portrayed. Right now everything your writing is an assumption. We all know what that means.

dedicatedtogamers2200d ago

Videogames are meant to be played. They are games. They are designed for us to escape and enjoy a fantasy world. It's entertainment. If we're allowed to conquer galaxies and annihilate nazis and fly through the air in a jet and besiege castles (oh wait, we're not, because that makes us violent...), then I don't see why it's such a big deal that we would be allowed to look at an attractively-designed fictional character.

Why would I want to play "Irritating, Lumpy, Lady in the Grocery-Store Simulator 2013"?

Cosmo8112200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

You fundamentally misunderstand the issue. Those male character are not sexualised. You do not enjoy playing as them because they are sexy, and women do not either. When a man in a video game is butch and muscled with a strong jawline, husky voice, etc. it's about POWER, NOT sex. If they were walking around in skin-tight speedos bulging at the front THEN they would be sexualised. But they are not. They are "powerised", so to speak.

AznGaara2200d ago

It's sad that this article has more hits than the actual trailer itself. -_-

Christopher2200d ago

Not really all that good of a trailer to use to rail against a sexist industry. After all, in the end, she ends up bald and wearing combat gear that hides her features...

Nothing in this trailer suggests that the person will play or look like that the whole game. Seeing one scantily clad woman throughout does not suggest the direction of the game similar to how the nuns in Hitman: Absolution are not in the whole game either.

2199d ago
Mutant-Spud2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Riiight, and the Witcher games aren't "sexist" if you apply the same standards? When you hear words like "Sexism" or "Racism" they'll immediately be followed up with hypocrisy or a double standard.
Geralt having sex with hookers and collecting saucy cards with their picture on it isn't sexist but the new CD Projekt trailer is...I see.
The stupidity here is that when the first Witcher game was released these dumb liberal "writers" were screeching about "misogyny" and sexism yet here this noob is praising just have to shake your head.
Fake scandal is fake, like RE5 was "racist" but "no Russian" wasn't a problem, White protagonists slaying waves of Africans "The Horror!", White protagonists slaying waves of Whites..meh...

Hydralysk2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

You do realise what racism is right? As in discrimination based on race, not nationality.

You could argue that the violence was worse in CoD2, but there is a big difference between white psychopaths shooting up white civilians, and a white heroic protagonist with arms the size of melons killing hordes of African tribals throwing spears at you from their swamp huts...

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Godmars2902200d ago

Right now its just an announcement.

Also got from the trailer that the woman being shot at was the same as the one in the copper suiting up at the very end.

greatcrusader442200d ago

It almost certainly is. Remember how the woman got shot in the cheek and it left a scrape? Woman suiting up at the end has the exact same bullet scrape on her cheek.

Christopher2200d ago

And you know how sexy bald women are, Godmars. Just look at them flaunt about her bald head for those few seconds. Heck, why don't they just strip her naked if that's how she's going to look the whole game! /s

Godmars2902200d ago

Wait, what? What?

Two women in what could be in different positions of the same situation who both have the exact same scar on their cheek.

What is it with the baldness?

joab7772200d ago

Exactly. Its getting absurd! espn just appologized for innocent compliments from brent musberger. Her boyfriend/QB wasnt pissed because of comments but because she ia getting more attention than alabama. She was miss alabama...r u kidding me. And now, as soon as a great trailer is released by a great company for what is sure to be a great game, we get trolling articles like this.

Cosmo8112200d ago

Video games are just as valid a form of art as movies or paintings. It's time they started being held to the same standards.

prototypeknuckles2200d ago

oh but its okay if movies do it, no problem at all, this guy needs to F off

MattS2200d ago

didn't read it, did you? Article quite explicitly states that it's not OK when movies do it.

prototypeknuckles2200d ago

ill admit, that this is the first time i havnt read the article and only looked at the title, mostly because im gettting tired of these sexism in gaming articles, its just getting redundant, lets be honest who walks around looking as buff as kratos, marcus fenix, or as perfect as nathan drake, so i apologize.

joab7772200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

So, u only wanna see certain types of movies and games. Not realistic ones or fantasy ones, but PC (politically correct) ones that reflect an altruistic version that meets somebodys standards. We dont actually know these standards cuz they change everyday, the result of a reletavistic society. Remember that while trying to implement your certain type of morality u box everyone else in. This is just absurdity that results from boredom. Instead of allowing freedom and money (or demand) to decide, u want to decide for us. Many women watch movies and many more play games. If it is meant to change, it will. I am tired of being lectured to by quasi-moralists.

Pandamobile2200d ago

Stereotypes and sexism often goes both ways in any form of media.

It's automatically not okay for a hail of bullets to be fired upon a female robot, but it'd be a-okay for a hail of bullets fired upon a dude.

Hicken2200d ago

Love how the comments are already closed. Got something to hide? Or just not able to deal with the consequences of your ill-thought-out actions?

Put simply: you're reaching. I guess you can take comfort in the fact that you're not the only one, but... really, you should stop. As a female commenter on the article said, you're doing no one any good.

It's great that you want to end sexism in gaming, but you have to KNOW WHAT SEXISM IS FIRST. You, obviously, do not. Rather, you are superimposing a projection of sexism onto a situation where none is present.

Ironic that you talk about the video having a lack of context, and then supply your own in the way of screaming "SEXISM!!!!"


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Phil322200d ago

Great [not] reading [the article at all] skills there, chief.

jrbeerman112200d ago

to be honest, i dont fault him for not giving a hit to a site looking for cheap hits.

TiberusX872200d ago

I would also like to point out that you see the woman suiting up at the end of the trailer. I don't think this says anything for sexism against women.

BanBrother2200d ago

I find the new Dante sexist. No guy I know is that handsome (whether you like the game or not, you can see he is one sexy bitch lol).

Too bad I was born a white, middle class male. I never fit into any minority, thus have no 'right' to complain. Even so, I wouldn't exactly call females a minority.

Megaton2200d ago

Some people just sit around at their computer all day waiting for something to get angry about. Enter MattS, hypersensitive blogger and N4G contributor.

jrbeerman112200d ago

its the problem with media these days is any ignorant person can write an article to complain about anything.

Just look at what happened with miss alabama and the rose bowl. 99% of people disagree with all the complaints about an announcer calling a pageant winner beautiful. but you only hear the ignorant 1% in the news.