With EA Hungry For Take-Two, A Look At The Gaming Giant's Past Purchases

an overview of EA's previous development studio purchases:

* 1991: Distinctive Software (now EA Canada); purchased for $11 million

* 1992: Origin Systems (now defunct)

* January 1995: Bullfrog Productions (now defunct)

* 1996: Manley & Associates (became EA Seattle, now defunct)

* July 1997: Maxis (folded into EA Redwood Shores)

* 1998: Tiburon Entertainment (now EA Tiburon)

* August 1998: Westwood Studios (now defunct); purchased for $122.5 million

* November 1999: Kesmai (now defunct)

* February 2000: DreamWorks Interactive (now EA Los Angeles)

* June 2002: Black Box Games (now EA Black Box/EA Canada)

* October 2003: Studio 33 (now EA North West)

* February 2004: NuFx

* August 2004: Criterion Software; purchased for a rumored 40 million pounds ($79 million)

* July 2005: Hypnotix (now part of EA Tiburon)

* December 2005: JAMDAT Mobile (now EA mobile); purchased for $680 million

* June 2006: Mythic Entertainment (now EA Mythic)

* August 2006: Phenomic (now EA Phenomic)

* October 2006: Digital Illusions CE; approx. $24 million

* November 2006: Headgate Studios (now EA Salt Lake)

* January 2008: BioWare Corp./Pandemic Studios; purchased for $620 million

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Lord Anubis3887d ago

so what the acquisition chart is trying to tell us is that EA is a studio killer.

pharmd3887d ago

either they buy it and shut it down or buy it and make it suck...

please dont do it T2!!!

Omegasyde3887d ago

Thanks for the info anubis. Wow, they put more studios out of business than I thought. I still think EA might come out with a console or atleast a handheld soon...

toughNAME3887d ago

Reminds me of the Nazi Germany invasion timeline

lodossrage3887d ago

Either be assimilated or be destroyed. does seem to be EA's style of doing business nowadays. So star trek's borge would be a fitting comparison

Bnet3433887d ago

I thought everyone liked Burnout Paradise?

Omegasyde3887d ago

by purchasing a EA game however you are helping the empire take over gaming.

I think Rockband and Burnout are good I.P.'s but one would be a hypocrite to actually buy them and still say EA sucks.

I am still curious on how I can resist Battlefield Bad company and SKATe 2.... atleast I know Army of Two will suck.

Omegasyde3887d ago

Midnight Club 4 will "PWN" Burnout by the way.

Dr Pepper3887d ago

I'm still wondering where my favorite Burnout feature went in Paradise...

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Lord_Ash3887d ago

Yeah that proves that they suck, just like Capcom closing down clover studio (Okami) what were they thinking.

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