Wii Sports Makes Appearance At Oscars

Today showed that Nintendo really does know no bounds, as along with John Stewart making his usual writers strike, Iraq and political references at the show he also was seen playing a game of Wii Sports on the huge screen that adorns the stage at the 80th Annual Academy Awards.

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cooke153888d ago

There is no stopping the Wii train

now imagine them playing PS3 on stage.. oo that would be fun. (rolls eyes)

saprano3888d ago

why would they play a ps3 on stage? the wii is easy to get into and cheap. thats why it sells so well. dont bring ps3 into this, the wii is not even in the same galaxy as the ps3.

cooke153888d ago

the galaxy of being popular? Yes indeed.

chrno63888d ago

How is ur hd-dvd movies comming along cookie? O right, they are not exclusive anymore XD.

Anyways, I like Jon Steward but that was kinda pointless.

Prismo_Fillusion3888d ago

This Gamer/Open Zone situation has done nothing to solve the Wii-hating. It really peeves me!

PS360WII3888d ago

Pretty much but they probably look at it as they can't delete everything...

Farsendor13888d ago

not just the wii hating but all hating this site needs more mods.

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The story is too old to be commented.