Pokemon X and Y Box Art: What would you like to see?

Plenty of fan art and discussions are about the evolutions of the starter Pokemon. But what about the box art? We show off and discuss our vision of the Pokemon X and Y box art.

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TrendyGamers3016d ago

Wow, those are really well done.

I do think that the colour tone in 'X' will be scaled back and that the legendaries will be facing forward, but other than that, very well done!

SparkyGamer3016d ago

Nice covers! I agree with TrendyGamers though that the legendaries would be facing forward to see that their bodies are the Y and X shapes. I do love the colors on these though. Great Job!

KimikoGaming3016d ago

Thank you for the compliment =]

Kamikaze1353016d ago

I expect them to be shiny.

sonicsidewinder3016d ago

Is Y for Males


Is X for Females only?

KimikoGaming3016d ago

We've speculated on it. However, nothing has been confirmed.

madmike9563016d ago

Or maybe its Y and X because the legendary pokemon in the game look like the letters Y and X

Majin-vegeta3016d ago

Wow these are nice.Can't wait for them too release.Honestly i think it's time some of the first gen pokemon got evolutions or baby stages Tauros,Farfetchd etc..