10 IPs Named and Shamed

Gameplayer has an article up that looks at the shocking games that have turned up under the umbrella of otherwise successful franchises. Covering the whole history of gaming, there is a mix of obvious contenders and controversial inclusions.

"As E.T. creams all comers for massacred film licences, we're leaving the myriad other poorly adapted flicks of the past 25 years alone whilst we dabble our toes in the worrying waters of mistreated IPs…"

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The Closing3888d ago

They mentioned mario kart 64. Mario Kart 64 was one of the most fun games of that generation, and easily better than the original. I think they meant to say double dash maybe?

SlappingOysters3888d ago

For me every Mario Kart has been worse than the one before it. So i guess the rot started with Mario Kart 64.

I find that with a lot of Nintendo games: the first is so good everything else is just that little bit worse by comparison. I haven't played brawl yet, but I hated Melee compared to the N4 original, they just overcomplicated it.

KeenanTheSavage3887d ago

Yeah, I agree. Mario Kart 64 was awesome back then. But they might have meant to say it.

MK_Red3888d ago

They should have added Mortal Kombat Special Forces and Street Fighter the movie the game.

permutated3888d ago

They put Mario Kart 64 on there, but not Street Fighter EX PLUS?

Yeah, I won't be going to that site ever again.

RecSpec3888d ago

Haha, Mario Kart 64 eh? I guess I'm a fool for playing it so much back then.

Lord_Ash3888d ago

I agree with Donkey Kong, every single game after the SNES sucked real bad.

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