NIS Planning New PSP, PS3 Games

According to RPGFan, Nippon Ichi Software's Souhei Niikawa said in a lengthy interview with PlayStation World that fans can look forward to the announcement of various new titles for PS3 and PSP from NIS in the future. Niikawa also discussed the development of Disgaea 3 on the PS3 and the company's plans of expanding into genres other than RPGs and adventure games.

The original interview is in Japanese. RPGFan has a summary of the interview in English.

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Darkiewonder3893d ago

But I hope there's a full translation later. But anyways. I hope they bring D3 over to the US. I want that game. the Disgaea series are "popular" here.

ruibing3893d ago

I need to complete my collection of the Disgaea series.

heyheyhey3893d ago

i love Nippon Ichi games, despite my unappreciative views on the weird Japanese anime-style

i love JRPG's, i just hate anime and that crap

TheHater3893d ago

Alright, bring on the JRPGs baby.

Omegasyde3893d ago

Seriosly, Ps2 and Ps1 had a truckload of RPG's!

So far Ps3 has enchanted arms,Oblivion..Marvel Alliance and I guess Folklore.

Marvel Alliance and Foklore to me I wouldn't consider RPG's, yet they somehow fall under the genre. So that leads Ps3 owners with perhaps 2 rpg's this year FF13 (2008?), Eternal sonata and White Knight Stories.

This generation sure is backwards, with the 360 having more RPGS and the PS3 getting more First person shooters this year then the 360.

Skerj3893d ago

For some reason though, RPGs don't appear on a Sony system in full force until after a Final Fantasy game. The PSP is the only one which doesn't fall in that category because I got quite a few good ones and Crisis Core still hasn't released outside of Japan yet.

Skerj3893d ago

Odin Sphere 2 in high res 2d!!

Darkiewonder3893d ago

The developers are working on a Wii title ;(

But I read in an interview before Odin Sphere came out, they had all the artwork in high-res. Re-release through PSN store please ;D

Skerj3893d ago

Yarr I want Oboro Masamune Youtouden, I hope it rocks as much as Odin Sphere did. VanillaWare slipped my mind as the devs because of NIS publishing their games. I hope they do follow up with OS and Grim Grimoire, 2 underrated games from last year.

jackdoe3893d ago

Why not. Disgaea 3 sold pretty well on the PS3 in Japan so I would think they would develop more games on the PS3. Not like they cost that much to make anyway.

Darkiewonder3893d ago

to acquire the ps3 dev kits and spend at least 7 months learning. it's still quite more than doing a ps2 game ;o

jackdoe3893d ago

Well, they only have to learn once... The actual development of D3 took only one year...

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