EA/Take 2 - CEO John Riccitiello makes Hostile Takeover Threat

As news begins to surface on EA's bid to takeover Take-2, publisher of Grand Theft Auto, Gameplayer examine the hidden meaning behind the wording.

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v1c1ous3888d ago

Take-Two is gonna fight it UNTIL GTA4 is released.

Once Take-two bathes in the sweet honey of moola, THEN they will say to EA "NOW you can buy us. of course our stock just trippled in worth, so no big deal"

SlappingOysters3888d ago

This happens just before every GTA game comes out - I think Take 2 are a lot better off than everyone things. Look how quickly the 2K Games roster has been growing!

znu3888d ago

EA are money hounds

for every 1 person who likes EA there are 100 who hates em, provided there is one person

permutated3888d ago

I'm the one person, because I'm not so judgmental of them for their business tactics, and they're responsible for so many of the great games on the market right now, that it's stupid to attack them.

LastDance3888d ago

the release of GTA will mean T2 shares will go through the roof. Meaning EA would have to offer a hell of alot more money and then some to buy all the shares. haha.

no wonder they are being pushy

etownone3888d ago

i guess now thats its public information....
i'm guessing Sony and M$ should try and make a bid.

Imagine, complete exclusive right to GTA5 and their other projects.
Sony would do good to PS owners to do this, but M$ does has DEEP pockets.....

in either case, ANY other pub other than EA

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