Shadowrun gameplay movie.

Msxbox-world take a look at the forthcoming Shadowrun at X06 where they talk to one of the team about the game whilst they get to grips with playing the game.

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specialguest5905d ago

i liked the original shadowrun game on the SNES and it's pretty disappointing that they've turned this into another FPS. they also took alway the RPG elements of the game. sure the game could still be fun in a FPS type of way, but not all classic games need to have the FPS treatment.

The Milkman5905d ago

AWESOME! This game looks like a must have for all the online FPS fans.

Scrooge5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

I agree, it's easy to be disapointed that this game is not an RPG. That aside, I think this game looks fun and inovative and I'm for sure going to buy it. I read somewhere (sorry I can't remember where) that the devs realize that fans are disapointed about this not being an RPG and their response was, "Who said we aren't going to make an RPG out of this franchise?" So maybe we can expect some Shadowrun RPG's in the future. Chin up.

Anerythristic265905d ago

I for one will not be buying this one. As a long time Shadowrun fan I think it's important for other gamers to realize that at this point this developer is squandering this license.

The core story to Shadowrun is quite possibly one of the finest ideas in science fiction. It was never handled correctly outside of the tabletop RPG except...maybe...the Sega Genesis RPG.

hamburgerhill5905d ago

This game looks fun! I love rpg's and have know problem playing this game as a 1st person shooter! From what i've seen in this trailer makes this a must buy game!

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