Fun Things To Do While Playing Rock Band

Just because you've blown through all the songs on Expert difficulty doesn't mean you've extracted all of the fun that can be had from the wonderful Rock Band. Join The Exploding Barrel as we discuss some of our favorite things to do with Harmonix's social rhythm game when friends drop by.

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real401killa3978d ago

I have to say the game rocks....if playing beer pong is included with rock band it will make for a better perfomance ..nothing is better than abunch of drunk fools playing rock band and beer pong....oh and check RI moshmetal scene ...myspace/andallwassilent...t hose guy can sure drink killa candian mist pong.....YEAHHHHHHHH woooooohhhhhh...later

SaiyanFury3978d ago

I never got into the whole music game thing. Of course this is not representative of everybody, I just never enjoy them. I prefer games that engage you like Uncharted.

donalbane3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Yeah, if you ever played in a band, or wanted to, Rock Band is where it's at. It's actually replaced Wii Sports as the go-to game in my house that guests all want to play. I've probably had a dozen or so Rock Band get-togethers since Rock Band came out. And with the additional songs each week, it's become a game that keeps on giving.

Uncharted didn't similarly 'draw me in'. I guess I totally lost interest in the game when I was realized I was 1)in an abandoned Nazi base while 2) fighting zombies and 3)searching for El Dorado. The graphics were good though, but the gameplay was more of the same... especially if you have played Gears of War. Another gripe was that Naughty Dog built up a lot of sexual tension thoughout the game, and then Drake NEVER kissed Elena (or whatever the tomboy sidekick's name was.) That was just ridiculous.

I beat the game in two days and took it right back to the store. I wish I had just rented it, but I went in for the Uncharted hype machine. It's one of the better games on PS3, (mostly due to it's graphics) but is far from the best game available on any platform, in my opinion.