Reuters: Take-Two hasn't ruled out EA deal -chairman

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc has not ruled out a potential buyout from Electronic Arts Inc, but the timing and price of its current $2 billion offer are wrong, Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick said on Sunday.

"We didn't slam the door, we just said look, the price is not right and the time is wrong," Zelnick said. He declined to say what price he thought Take-Two should command.

Asked if Take-Two would enter into formal discussions with EA before the April 29 launch of its highly anticipated game "Grand Theft Auto IV", Zelnick said: "We have to see what steps they take, and we have and will continue to operate in the best interest of shareholders."

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Rattles3941d ago

but wats gona happen to R*

meepmoopmeep3941d ago

that's what i'm wondering as well, R*.. i don't think T2 will be worth as much without R*

Genki3941d ago

What the hell is gonna happen to 2K sports and all of those franchises that they've made their own legacy creating?

I wouldn't like to see EA give up the ghost on those franchises and integrate the developers into Live, Madden, etc.

toughNAME3941d ago

NHL 2K games need to die

Cyrus3653941d ago

Looks to be a tactic to get more $$$$, and to wait till after GTA IV releases.