Devil May Cry 4 artwork - Dante

Dante is not the lead character in Devil May Cry 4, but is still the most powerful and arguably cooler than Nero.

Here's some concept art and final renders of Dante, and a couple of Nero vs Dante images.

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Avto3978d ago

wow Dante his just awsome.

SaiyanFury3978d ago

I want artwork of Gloria! :P

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3978d ago

Wtf? Dante definitly isn't as good as Nero. The enemies are basically designed for Nero's buster moves, so its hard as hell to kill anyone with dante which isn't a sacarecrow.

Escamotage3977d ago

I agree somewhat. It was hard to use Dante right after switching from Nero and getting used to the Devil Bringer. But I've noticed after a while, Dante's blows are far more powerful. It took me half the time to beat each boss compared to my boss encounters with Nero.