Sony Reveals 'Home' Trophies and Electronic Arts Wonders Why They Should Care (GDC 2008)

In an upcoming update to the Home Development Kit (HDK), companies will have a chance to start modeling these trophies themselves and playing with them in "Home."

Much of the presentation was spent looking at ways of developing and implementing objects into "Home," from the aforementioned trophies to sillier items like a bubble machine or a camera to take virtual photos with a friend's "Home" avatar.

When asked, "Why should I develop for Home?" James Cox, Senior Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, didn't seem ready for the question, as a long pause dangled in the audience. Eventually, the EA employee clarified his statement, instead wondering what the draw was for third parties without a clear revenue model in place.

Even then, Cox didn't exactly have a clear answer. Earlier in the presentation, Cox mentioned that publishers have the option of making items pay-to-play, but that wasn't a requirement, and he simply told the employee to call Sony if he was interested in a more formal pitch on the revenue possibilities for "Home."

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niall774862d ago

But anyway.. sony better make Trophies manditory for all new ps3 games.

other wise you know some devs wont bother

Iamback4862d ago

yeah. That EA guy is stupid. Then why bother making achivments for 360 games? I dont get it....

Yo Mama4862d ago

EXACTLY what I was gonna say. Leave it to EA to be a lazy ass and not want to better their projects. EA hates innovation. Just look at Madden.

gambare4862d ago

I prefer to see the trophies of other players and my friends instead just numbers, that EA guy is a complete moron.

crck4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

Its the EA guy asking how they can make money off trophies. haha Maybe they can sell a pay-per-view special on how trophies are made like they tried to do with Madden 2k7. Sony better make it mandatory or it won't mean a thing to devs like EA who are all about trying to snatch every nickel from gamers.

jackdoe4862d ago

Exactly. Chalk it up to EA to ask the question about cash. How about making trophies because you want to add to the longevity of a title EA?

Lord Anubis4862d ago

i'm not going to defend EA but what the guy meant is creating content for home. Developers are allowed to create content for home for example (EA Cetral) if they wanted.

TheWickedOne4861d ago

Yeah, how I read it the EA guy was talking about content made for Home (whether that be mini-games or promotional content) which could involve trophies. Not concerning EA games made for PS3.

moparful994861d ago

I agree with alot of what you all said and think that the ea rep is just asking about how the creation of content for home will benefit them. Why should they make content for the home environment. I just think he worded his statement weird. I dont know if his intention was financial gain from the content or if it would draw more people into the home environment. I have lost alot of respect for ea over the years, especially after the madden 08 and the portal fiascos. But this is a question that needed to be asked. I really hope that the content portion of home takes off and most developers dont charge because the market exposure of home for their games should be a large enough benefit to warrant adding content for users. Think of it as free advertisement... But I digress, we really need to wait and see how home turns out and now that we are at version 0.8.3 means we are a mere months from the launch of home!!!!!

Kleptic4861d ago

achievements are part of MS's licensing requirements for 360 games I thought...which is why games have to have achievements...

PS3 games do not require it though...SCE is giving out tools to SDK owners to do it, if they want...but I don't think its required yet...which is most likely why the question was asked...if SCE is not forcing them to do it...then what is the point?...

I agree with others...while the idea of customizing your character with unlocked stuff from different games is significantly cooler than a 'gamer score'...both are pretty pointless imo...its definitely one of things in Home that I am currently not that interested in...

SlyGuy4861d ago

money money money...

hey as the peeps above me said, it may add replay value to the game.

Improved replay value and a better quality game => Better ratings and word of mouth about the game => more people buy your game => you make more dinero $

poopface14861d ago

but the truth why achievemants are so popular is because there so simple. I dont see the trophies catching on as fast just because its not just some simple number that you see right next to your gamertag and click on and see all the games you/they have played. Do you think that your virtual friends, especialy the ones oyu meet online, are gonna come look at all your trophies?? Do you think developers want to render trophies in 3d for all there games? I think this is a situation where sony is trying to out do microsoft, but in this case more is less. And sure sony wants companies to make trophies but there harder to implement thatn achievements and I think EA understands this. Sony seem to think developers care about them making money, when developers are worried about themselvs. The thing is that achievements wouldent have been big at all if it was a pain to see them or implement them, and once again sony is making that develoers problem.

INehalemEXI4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

That was my exact thoughts as well lmao.

Black_Jack4861d ago

i do agree with you to an extent, but sony does have the oppertunity to make it very simple as well, say having gold silver bronse trophies, one thing with acheivements is that although your score increases much of that could just be easy acheivements, played on a vast libriary of games, wher as with trophies having gold silver bronse would give an indication of merit and real acheivement in showing your mates what stupidly difficult and rare trophies they scooped. say X gamer has 3 plat, 4 gold, 12 silver 34 bronse. there is oppertunity to make it smple yet innovative aswell, sony just needs to make at catchy/adddictive just like xbox360 acheivements.

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4862d ago
toughNAME4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

I'd defintely want some recognition for all that time spent in Uncharted.


would it be get the update, and all of a sudden are swimming in trophies without even doing anything?

I'd like to see how they handle this

EZCheez4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

It would probably base what trophies you deserve on whatever save data you have.

EDIT-In the original Home video there is an example of a trophy for Warhawk and under the trophy it says "10,000 online kill" so I doubt we will be swimming in them if some of the goals are that steep.

I doubt they will all be that hard to get, but what's wrong with more trophies? I would love to get recognition for all the stuff I had done prior to Home going out. I don't think you'll get many trophies for doing "nothing" though.

Clinton5144862d ago

Developers will decide whether or not they want to patch trophies to their older titles. Most of the developers that claimed they'd support it so far already have reward systems implemented in their games.

Omegasyde4862d ago

Just like Rumble patches, all games will get this interface and feature. I however think Sony will be the ones making the trophies.. .

lodossrage4862d ago

EA has made it WELL KNOWN that they care more for filling their pockets rather than the quality of their product

Silver3604861d ago

When it costs them money to make the extra content?

ruibing4861d ago

It's stupid because extra Home features may be just what makes a person buy a EA sports game over a 2K sports game, and vice versa.

socomnick4861d ago

Hmmm I though someone asked the Guy from Ea why they should develop for home and he couldn't answer. The Ea guy dint ask the question.

v1c1ous4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

sony has the advantage here since trophies are visual and can be modified. in a sense, this could lead to collection concepts.

want to collect a series of GTA car trophies, you might have to buy GT 5-7. or the only way to get the full heavenly sword set is to have both game 1+2.

EDIT: it seems i have attracted a disagree fanbase haha

toughNAME4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

Achievements earned fame because they were simplistic, and addictive

Even now...people don't even know why they can get so addicting

I fear Sony is biting off more than they can chew with Home trophies. They think it will automatically leap frog over achievements and make PSN go from zero to hero?

I dunno...I think they're reaching too high

Clinton5144862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

What exactly is it that they bit off more than they can chew about?

Rewards systems in video games have existed since as long as I can remember. It's not hard having a game export or unlock an image that can then be put up for display for other users to view.

ps. PSN zero to hero? Talk to Epic, Insomniac and a slew of other developers who enjoy the PSN's open concept.

toughNAME4862d ago

"Rewards systems in video games have existed since as long as I can remember"

What makes achievements so much better? Personally, I have no idea, but that won't stop me from whoring myself to them

and v1c1ous -
you have 2 disagrees at the moment..
with the exception of this article, look at any of my comments
I don't even know if people read what I write anymore. Just--> Click!

heyheyhey4862d ago

yeah i get disagrees for saying just about anything

i could say "i love cake" and i would be swimming in disagrees in a matter of seconds

but it amuses me so it's cool

Omegasyde4862d ago

I once wrote:

"Your mom goes to college" to a reply.

I had over 20 agrees, no disagrees and then comment was deleted by mods.

I Agree to disagree that, N4g should really lose the whole disagree/agree system.

meepmoopmeep4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

you're about as much of a winner as the team in your avatar.

but i agree with you in that the trophy system won't skyrocket PS3 games in a blink of an eye, but they're A LOT better than seeing a plain boring static number next to a persons tag.

it's more "IN YO' FACE" when it's a 3D trophy

and the EA dude is an idiot. there's only positive things for a game to have a trophy or achievements. it adds to the game not takes away. he's a bafoon

toughNAME4861d ago

But we do have the best player who could be traded at the trade deadline:D

I agree, a 3D object should be much better than a simple text number

But like clinton said, rewards sytems have been around for the longest time (text and 3D alike) But what makes achievements so much better?

Being new to a year old console might not make trophies as desirable??? I dunno all this is just toughSPECULATION so what does it matter really?

v1c1ous4861d ago

is being able to compare your achievements and see what other's have achieved conviniently from anywhere.

so if a dude i know got the "find the blue slug" achievement in game X right as i am playing game Y with him, i can ask him about its location.

would i have to have to go to Home and check someone's pad for that?

meepmoopmeep4861d ago

no worries, most of my friends are Leafs fans (representing home)

anyway, i'm one of those who doesn't care about achievements or trophies. but there are those out there that are whores to that. i don't think a little thing like trophies or achievements is really a seller to many, except the core gamers.

i'm still interested in what Sony plans to do with this so-called trophy system though, and more interested in seeing MS revamp their own achievement system.

all in all it's good for gamers of both platforms. competition is good.

heyheyhey4861d ago


yeah everyone has a "trophy cabinet" so you can take a look at what they have got

although your right- i would i could look at someones trophies without having to trek all the way to their pad (it's not that long, but still)

meepmoopmeep4861d ago

well, DMC4 already has the accomplisments implemented like how you said (minus the in-game XMB feature) and i'm pretty sure that same type of system will be put in aside from having a trophy to show off in your home.

right now with DMC4, it tells me what/which friends have accomplished what task and it's global regarding your friends list.

i'm pretty sure it will be part of the accomplishment/trophy system once it's been finalized.

Kleptic4861d ago

If you go back and read all the Home related interviews with Harrison; there is a ton of stuff with trophies that some of you appear to be missing...

The point of it is not just a 3d little trophy that you can see in your apartment...while every PSN ID gets his/her own trophy can go into anyone's trophy room through either your friend list or 'players met' system...but you also get to unlock things for your character in Home as well...the main example I read about was the glave (sp?) in Dark which the developers were using the system to allow you to unlock that metal arm and blade thing for your dude in he could be walking around with that in all the environments that you interact with other people...

Its not attempting to 'reach' higher than the achievement system in XBL...its completely different, and equally pointless...but from the sounds of why people are addicted to achievements...this trophy stuff has just as much an addictive nature from the sounds of it...

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