Pachter Says EA Purchase Of Take-Two Inevitable, Rockstar Not Necessarily Along For The Ride

When big financial news is breaking in the gaming industry, Mtv look to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter to break things down. Mtv caught him on the phone today while he was having brunch at a yacht club (the same yacht club he was last brunching at when the Activision Blizzard deal was announced).

Who is this EA-Take Two deal good for? What would happen with sports and the cost of sports games? And why does he think Rockstar won't necessarily be a part of the deal?

Pachter broke it down for us.

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ngg123453889d ago

GTA series will lose most of its mature content similar to thrill kill. 2k Sports would be gone, causing EA to have a monopoly of sports games. EA won't give Betsheda time to make games, probably going to force them to make a Elder Scrolls game every year. 2k Boston will be making bioshock clones over, and over again until they are stale. So thanks again EA ruins like they did with pc gaming, now console gaming.

Omegasyde3889d ago

If EA buys thier sports games, who besides Sony will make another basketball, hockey, and baseball game?


Omegasyde3889d ago

I am betting that Rockstar goes with Midway....

Even though midway hasn't made a lot of hits lately besides UT3 (epic), Rockstar would do well. Midway learned thier lesson with Area 51 and now have stipulated on giving developers more freedom.

ktchong3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Midway itself is in the risk of being bought. I think Rockstar will most likely end up with Activision if this deal goes through.

mikeslemonade3889d ago

It's not going to be the downfall of games if EA buys Take 2. GTA4 for this generation will not make as big as a splash as the GTA games of last generation. I for one am not impressed with GTA4 at all. It looks like it's going to be a rehash.

Deeloc3889d ago

i dont know why people keep buyin ea games for

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3889d ago

Hopefully SONY buys them first.

I think that`s INEVITABLE.

alster233889d ago

i really hope sony does. they should be aware that the gta series is a ps brand and it will help move consoles . heres to hoping sony will be a M$ for just this time.

Omegasyde3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

I hope so, but I want 360 and wii owners to enjoy their games too. If they fell into Sony hands, it would be like Insomniac and Rockstar would turn into a 2nd party developer. Sony rewards their developers the best in the industry. Even after Lair flopped, Sony still wrote a Fat check to Factor 5 for another exclusive game.


NO_PUDding3889d ago

Pachter? OMGZORZ!!! He's always right.


Seriously Sony and Microsoft don't care, and will be makign the move on R* once they become independant. I suspect MS will make a move, becuase Sony is too nonchalant. Unless they pull their finger out. It also depends on R*, and whether the transaction in question is a takeover or not. Becuase R* may well want to stay independant for a while.

We can all hope however, that our respective consoles receive the deal.

Theo11303889d ago

God please don't let this happen, all they have to do is hold on till GTAVI releases to get in the green.

JohnRico3889d ago

If EA got Take-Two then all it would need is Activion then all American companies would be under one roof & this would most definitely give EA enough power to make their own console to take Sony & Microsoft out of the Video Game business which would then force the rest of the developers to move to EA & then next gen would feature one console

EZCheez3889d ago

The only thing that makes it even scarier is that it's very possible if this happens.

They probably wouldn't even try to be creative with the name either. It would just be called the

"EA Give Us All Of Your Money And Then Let Us Charge You For Microtransactions As Well."

Or the EA GUAOYATLUCYFMAW for short.

cartman3133889d ago

And that, is when I would stop playing games.

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