Why Steam Box Means Much More Than You Think

Valve's pending console has stirred excitement amongst the gaming community, but it may have huge implications for the industry as a whole. Find out why big changes may be coming to not only the PC gaming market, but also the world of console games.

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PopRocks3592979d ago

I'd certainly get one if the price is right (assuming it will run ALL Steam games and it's cross-compatible with Mac/PC). If not then I will just pony up for a nice computer that can run games on it.

DarkBlood2979d ago

so you hope the linux in the steambox will connect to a pc is what your saying?

PopRocks3592979d ago

No, I'm saying I hope it will just run all the games in my current library. If it does that and it's upgradable (essentially like a PC for console gamers), then all I'm looking for is a reasonable price.

DarkBlood2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

well im more of a console gaming person due to ease of use *obviously lol* but even im interested in the steambox cuz i see some interesting games on there thats cheap and digital only which makes it easier to jump into

anyways im not Operating System savy here but i read on some other comment that only 40 games on steam also uses steam

but this is valve we are talking about so im sure something is in the works to make it somehow be playable

i trust these will be compatible that i own
left 4 dead
portal 2

not so sure about these though
Amnesia Dark Descent
Starwars Knights of the Old Republic
Starwars BattleFront 2

if not then well the pc im using is miminaly ok lol

darthv722978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

is like SNK in a way. They make games for other platforms but want to try their hand at making their own console.

where the similarity takes a turn is that valve really wants other companies to make steam compatible boxes as well. That would be very similar to the direction the 3DO was trying to take things.

Many of these ideas have been tried before but either consumers werent interested or the industry wasnt ready. with pretty much everything, it all comes back around for another try.

Now for Valve, the PC market is too great to simply ignore so i would expect them to continue to develop and distribute their games for windows and mac and other consoles as well.

The main idea behind the steam box is a platform for pc games to be played on a tv which seems similar to gakai and onlive but obviously steam driven.

they are just wanting to cover as many bases as they can with their product. Valve entering the console market would be no different than MS but I have to ask. Why is it okay for Valve to do this and people hated the idea when it was MS? Is it because people just hate MS?

TitanUp2978d ago

i agree,if i can't play the games from my steam library then i wont be interested in a steam box,ill just buy a small pc for my bedroom.

zeal0us2978d ago

According to the interview, The Verge did with Gabe, you can even throw Windows on it if you want.

"That’ll be a Linux box, [and] if you want to install Windows you can. We’re not going to make it hard. This is not some locked box by any stretch of the imagination"

DarkBlood2977d ago

interesting, thanks for the info zealOus

MultiConsoleGamer2979d ago

Steam Box is a game changer.

Get ready for a massive sea change.

***t is getting real.

Azurite2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

As long as they won't try and force players to use controllers on PC-games.


How can you have a PC for console gamers?

That's like saying a motor car for cyclists!

delboy2978d ago

Looking at the hardware specs of that box, it is to week for anyone to buy it.
Why would a pc gamer buy it, if he already has a better pc or even laptop sitting at home?
Steambox is no gamechanger,it's dead before it's even born.
I can't believe Valve is so blind?

Fishy Fingers2978d ago

Why not wait until its actually shown and demoed before you write it off. Pretty sure Valve have a better understanding of what they're doing than you.

Insane0872978d ago

you haven't seen the specs piston isn't the steambox bud... it'll be the digital download only thing that might hurt them tho the price of their games will still make it very attractive and if they get blizzard onboard it might be a big contender

bluetoto2977d ago

I think it's you and people like you that are blind. Valve has stated numerous times this is not aimed at PC gamers but console gamers like me who have long wanted to get into PC gaming without all the crap that comes along with it.

If this box is simple, plays PC games and has mod support it's gonna sell like hotcakes because I KNOW there are tons of other gamers out there who've wanted to make the jump, especially with next gen looking even worse for consumers but great for greedy pubs.

Can't see how anyone could think otherwise.

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