Game Revolution: Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition Review

Game Revolution: Head On offers the same fast-paced car combat that the franchise perfected in Black. The same familiar tools of destruction are back with their special attacks. Junkyard Dog, a wrecking-ball truck, still whams opponents with his, uh, ball. Hammerhead, a monster truck, still runs over people. And Twister, a formula one racer, still causes tornados. See, twister, used as a noun... not so bad.

In terms of the formula, Head On should be a winner. All of the same special attacks (such as the all-powerful freeze attack) are back. And the levels are designed by the same people who made Twisted Metal 1, 2, and Black. The cars still behave like go-carts (you can pivot at a standstill), and there are even the same dark comic storylines with each character.

But Head On is still a step backwards from Black in almost every other way, and this is due entirely to that it was built for a handheld. The graphics are ragged and poor. The music is tinny and repetitive. And the stories are less fleshed-out with just one movie per driver rather than Black's three per driver. This is not "Twisted Metal Black 2"; this is Twisted Metal: Kind of Greyish With a Light Mist.

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