New Bethesda Game To Be Announced November 1st?

Chris Kohler of Wired's Game|Life blog drops this tantalizing hint:

"At any rate, we're getting info on a game that'll be announced on November 1. So please look forward to that date, upon which you will be informed of everything. You'll find out, for example, how I got a thick layer of desert sand all over my white Old Navy shirt. Suspense!"

UrbanJabroni6492d ago

Don't get me so excited. The thought is too much.

The Milkman6492d ago

Cool cant wait to see what they have in store.

GaMa856492d ago

Who knows maybe its a new Elderscrolls, cant wait though

GRUNT6491d ago (Edited 6491d ago )

they've now got a license for Star Trek games like
Star Trek:Legacy for PC and XBOX 360 and STAR TREK: Encounters only for PS2 :p


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DarXyde1h ago

"Which ray tracing is better?" between a PC with dynamic hardware optimized for super sampling and console with far more static, finite ressources, summed up in a video:


anast45m ago

$500 PS5 vs $500 PC? PS5 of course.


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