EA CEO/Take-Two Chairman Talk Take Over Bid

Kotaku just got off the phone with Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello who called to talk about the back-and-forth going on right now between Take-Two and EA over Riccitiello's multi-billion dollar offer for the company.

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ceedubya93889d ago

EA is straight up Greedy!! LOL. Had to have seen that they would eventually try to grab up T2 after all of the problems they had been having. They're value will probably shoot way up again after the release of GTAIV. So EA will have to come with the big bucks if they really want to get these guys. Should be interesting if it actually happens in the end. You can probably imagine that the rumor of the next GTA being exclusive will probably not happen. Kind of like what's going on with Mass Effect 2. I guess we'll see.