Take Two Fires Back at EA

GamePolitics has just received a press release from Take Two Interactive in response to Electronic Arts' hostile takeover bid.

In the release, the Take Two board confirms EA's offer and pronounces it "inadequate in multiple respects and not in the best interests of Take-Two's stockholders." From the release:

"After careful evaluation, the Board has determined that EA's proposal substantially undervalues Take-Two's robust and enviable stable of game franchises, exceptional creative talent and strong consumer loyalty.

We believe EA's unsolicited offer is highly opportunistic and is attempting to take advantage of our upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto IV, one of the most valuable and durable franchises in the industry."

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toughNAME3979d ago

So the press release can be summed up as

"No, give me more money"

Omegasyde3978d ago

yea and the greatness that is grand theft auto will turn into a yearly rehash just like Ea sports games.

Can't Wait!
2008 GTA4 Liberty City
2009 GTA4 Delaware
2010 GTA Bermuda
2011 GTA Vancouver
2012 GTA Antarctica
2013 GTA Argentina
2014 GTA New Orleans
2015 GTA Washington DC
2016 GTA Daytona
2017 GTA My mom's House....

Exhaust3978d ago

The offer is undervalued especially with GTA IV about to launch on two platforms. Their stock will go up when IV sells more than Halo 3.

Delive3978d ago

Last thing we need is a reliable developer getting caught under the lazy wings of EA. Fight the power!

lodossrage3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

EA will end up being the doom of the game industry. We all know how the quality of their games has been lacking in recent years. Yes they have skate and burnout paradise which are two good games. But two good games can't outweigh like 10 below quality games.

I know EA isn't known for making many exclusive games to one console. But that could all change if they keep buying up companies. I think EA has an agenda to completely control the game industry. It would give them MEGA leverage on sony, ms, and nintendo. Those three companies would continuously have to fight and beg for EA to put certain games on their system exclusively. And you know EA will maximize profit on any of the three game console companies.

The worst part about it is the Take Two president is totally right in that it wouldn't be in Take Two's benefit to be purchased by EA.

In the past, with companies that EA has purchased, EA just took the rights to their games and then disbanded the companies they purchased. Then the games they make with their new rights fall under the low quality level that EA is accustomed to giving us gamers nowadays.

MS and Sony better do something about this. For this can be potentially problematic for both of them in the near future IF EA finds a way to acquire Take Two.

Omegasyde3978d ago

They can reject the offer all they want too but if the majority of the stockholder move towards Ea bidding...OH NO!

P.S. I will sell my stock in Take 2 as Soon as they do.

lodossrage3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

that the rejection itself is BECAUSE the majority stockholders disagree with the purchase. So at least for the moment, gamers are safe for EA's villany.

But if GTA 4 brings the company back to profitability, I doubt they'll sell to anyone. Which is part of the reason EA wants it done BEFORE GTA 4's release.

Grand Theft Auto's significance in this situation cannot be stressed enough.

Skaterboy Tell Em3978d ago

Thats all EA is trying to do is take advantege of GTA4 and its a good thing take two recognize that.They cant let EA continue to try and monopolize the gaming industry.

REbirth3978d ago

GTA made by EA:

no hardcore language
no sex
no drug dealers
you will only be able to buy cars not steal them
no gangs
no headshots
no blood must it must be green
the main character must be a cop
no b*tchs in the game
no sarcastic publicity

more advertising publicity
lanch GTA 2008 to GTA 2028 every year
to get other cities you will need to pay for it

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