EA Take-Two FAQ: R* franchises, 2K Sports

Some questions and answers from the FAQ on

Q: How long has EA been planning to bid on Take-Two?

A: We have been looking at Take-Two for some time and have been in communication with them on-and-off for about a year. We opened a dialogue to discuss our intention to acquire Take-Two with the company's management in December and followed up with a formal proposal on February 6th. We made a second proposal on February 19th.

Q: Do you intend to kill or restrict any of the R* franchises?

A: We strongly believe that behind all the controversy is a core of great intellectual property and development talent. These titles don't sell millions because they're controversial; they sell because they're great games. We have no plans to change that.

Q: Would you kill 2K Sports?

A: Any integration starts with our respect for the teams and people that make great games. Beyond that, it's too early to discuss plans for managing Take-Two.

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Gaara_7243979d ago

sure but we have yet to c a good game made bye these talented people esept crysis butthats 1 out of like over 20 a year that they make

lodossrage3979d ago

That was EA sports major competition. With that said, OF COURSE 2k sports would get dissolved and eliminated.

quen_gta23978d ago

I don't have a source , but I remember seeing some were that Rock* had a contract with Take-Two that will end in 2009.

Omegasyde3978d ago

Hopefully Midway picks up Rockstar. They sure could use them.

whoelse3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Hopefully they wont buy them.

Edit: Its been rejected! Woo woo!

SRuN43978d ago

Rockstar is free sometime within the next year of Take Two. I dont even know why people continue to believe Rockstar will be part of EA. If anything they'd be part of EA for a few months and then they're free to do whatever they want.

alster233978d ago

sony should buy R* if ea buys another good developer im going to quit gaming

hades073978d ago

I would laugh if MS buys Rock* with all the money they're saving on releasing Bungie and Bizarre, now that would be a shocker.

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