Electronic Arts audacious bid to buy Take-Two

Electronic Arts today announced that it has proposed to acquire Take-Two in an all-cash merger valued at approximately $2.0 billion.

The news follows weeks of rumors that Take-Two would be the subject of an acquisition bid, with Viacom touted as a possible suitor at $1.5 billion. EA has, it turns out, attempted to buy Take-Two for $25 a share, and, after being rebuffed, has upped the ante by a buck. But the firm has warned shareholders that they won't get a better price.

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Silver3603986d ago

With EA growing so large they just may be able to force the one console future. I can see them dictating hardware specs to manufactures, especially with Criterion, bioware and rockstar in their stable of developers.

SRuN43986d ago

Rockstar gets to leave Take Two, their contract runs out sometime within the next year. So EA wouldn't have Rockstar.

blacsheep3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

if this happens then RIP GTA series, EA are talentless vultures

The Closing3986d ago

Has some interesting titles in the works.

Ghoul3986d ago

@ above

EA is the worst that could happen to any company in the industry,
cashcows instead of unique quality games.

And Deadspace and the likes are presitge games to get rid of ea's cashcow image, im not pleased if they merge.


DanAmrich3986d ago

I think that's jumping ahead quite a bit. First, Take 2 has to accept. Then there's time for things to shake out. Then we'll see if the acquisition of a very successful developer/publisher has enough impact to enforce a hardware standard.

Lifendz3986d ago

and allow them to make the games they way they want (which they've done with Criteron thus far) I'm happy. Still, buying Take Two is not buying R*. R* actually leaves Take two soon. I think Sony is looking to buy R* and that would be a major move.

Ghoul3986d ago

i also have to differenciate my post

EA is a very great partner as a DEV that is unquestionable, BUT ea is makes far to many series games and low quality adoptions.

So in the end you DO profit from ea if you are a great dev studio and have your own solid IP, but if ea aquires you as a studio for general purpose you will face yourself on the cashcow side

sonarus3986d ago

not too sure if this merger is wise at least not with ea. Someone needs to acquire take two but not ea. Thats ea wiping out competition at least ea sports competition. Meaning ea sports games will probably turn worse

GIJeff3985d ago

you fools think that every game dev but ea doesnt care about money, and makes games to be unique. what about the crappyness of THQ? What about Ubisoft? huh? what about some of sega? i mean, damn people get a clue. you're starting to sound like the people who think that republicans are the only politicians who lie.

InMyOpinion3985d ago

I can see EA manufacturing a console of their own for the next generation of gaming. It wouldn't surprise me.

RJ20003985d ago

EA is good at PRODUCING games.. just not creating them. Come on they are somewhere behind CoD4! Look it up! As long as EA throws money at 2k.. but keeps them seperate and doesn't change management and crap like that, everything would be fine. But it is EA that we are talking about...

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TnS3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Why these always happen on Sunday? :)

Jack Bauer3986d ago

wow... say goodbye to competition... EA should buy the rights to would fit them well

Condoleezza Rice3986d ago

It's just that EA's baseline and main source of revenue is through video games,whereas Microsoft and Sony,it's different.Microsoft can't step in right now and shove 2 Billion dollars down T2's throat due to the fact that they're after Yahoo! and are bleeding that RROD money every hour,so the ball is in EA and Sony's hands.

If Sony would play their cards right,then GTAV and onwards would be exclusive to the Playstation brand.Here's to hoping they have enough sense in them to realize the importance of exclusives this gen!

DanAmrich3986d ago

You do know that EA does, in fact, have the digital rights to Monopoly, right?


Jack Bauer3986d ago

heh, i was gonna put in () unless they already do own the rights... irony

KeenanTheSavage3986d ago

yeah seriously. They're going to be HUGE if they get this company. (as if they couldn't get any bigger).

ry-guy3986d ago

You do know that if EA buys Take-Two that GTAV and any sequels after it would be multiplatform. EA is not a company known for creating exclusives. In fact that is one of the reasons people preach that Mass Effect is going to be multiplatform because they purchased Bioware.

lwsbrck3985d ago

you're right there, i wouldnt be surprised if EA made the next NFS game playable on a microwave. seriously, EA port everything :/

if EA buy T2 a great company would be sent down the crapper

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SRuN43986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Someone might want to tell EA that Rockstar has less than a year and then they are free from Take Two.

crck3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

As far I as I know Rockstar is owned by Take2. They aren't under some kind of contract. But hopefully Visual Concepts will continue to make the basketball games and their ideas are added to Madden to make it better.

PlayStation3603985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

In a nut-shell, R* North (Primary GTA Developers) is under contract til 09. By then, they can stay or go :) T2 owns R* but NOT R* North.

UnblessedSoul3986d ago

EA is buying out everything lawl