Why So Serious? How Final Fantasy's Graphics Are Killing the Franchise

GotGame: One of the most frequently demanded projects in gaming is an HD rerelease of Final Fantasy 7. What could be better than one of the best games ever made re-released in glorious HD? Despite its age, it’s hard to look at the tech demo for FF7 on PS3 without drooling a little bit. Yet, every time I hear a fan asking for an HD release of Final Fantasy 7, I cringe. People recognize that Final Fantasy has been slipping in quality, and they’ve been speculating as to why that is.

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Godmars2902109d ago

Square Enix is not SquareSoft. They copy and parody what the other did, despite having "some" original devs still on staff, devs who came late to the former company, but they don't understand what they did. Became focused on graphics to the degree it overrode all else.

MilkMan2109d ago

At this point LEGO games are selling more than FF.
Guess graphics aint everything.

abzdine2109d ago

LEGO games look great!

Tzuno2109d ago

Is not graphics is the S..t they sell in the name of FF. They build a name and now they think they can sell it any-day no mater the quality.

Flavor2109d ago

The Japanese simply do not have the money, technology and talent to compete with Western dev houses.

Their fate was sealed the moment Msoft got behind the Xbox. I remember thinking that an American console had no chance ... how times have changed.

Rainstorm812109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

IMO Microsoft helped kill JRPGs, early in the 360 lifetime MS created Mystwalker studios filled it with talented devs, then released a few JRPGs like Lost Oddessy and Blue Dragon then abandoned the genre and studio for more profitable games like Gears or Forza. The same thing that probably led to FF downfall. Remember the megaton E3 announcement that FF13 was going to 360.....doesn't seem like such big news when you look back.

Mystwalker was made just to lure PS2 RPG fans to 360, just like Kinect was made to lure the casual Wii crowd...Although these tactics worked, it added nothing to gaming.

Here's hoping here's hoping Ni No Kuni bring JRPGs back to to their former glory and not just thrive on handhelds

akaFullMetal2109d ago

The article is spot on, and is the reason why I haven't played a final fantasy since FFX.

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The story is too old to be commented.