Sony CEO Kaz Hirai: 'We need to be a more focused company'

The Verge sits down with Sony's president and CEO for a chat.

(Skip forward 11 minutes for Hirai's opinions on gaming, the success of the PS Vita, and a small hint towards the Playstation 4.)

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GreenRanger2112d ago

Focus more on the Vita and stop releasing TVs that nobody can afford.

Killzoner992112d ago ShowReplies(2)
remanutd552112d ago

very interesting interview, i got the feeling kaz was talking about the ps4 at times lol and for the first time ever im really interested in a sony phone, Xperia Z might be my new cell phone purchase.

portal_22112d ago

Kaz is a great guy, the perfect mix of friendliness and salesmanship. I love his reactions when someone asks about the PS4 :D

NobleRed2112d ago

Don't forget that you need to release the ps4 within six months after the x-box 720 or you will lose again.

DoctorNefarious1232112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Can you define lose. Look all 3 systems this gen have done remarkably well and I can not see why it should be any different for next gen.

mandf2112d ago

um the 360 is about to go into last place with a year head start. Who's the loser?

Cocozero2112d ago

The one who lost half their market share from last gen...

DarkMaulRises2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

@ Cocozero
They released one of the most expensive game consoles of all time during the second worst recession in living memory. The fact that Sony turned it into a profitable enterprise is an achievement in itself.

NO_PUDding2112d ago

They've had massive failings, and they've fought hard and well to win back what they can.

I doubt that's a position Sony want to repeat either way, admirable as their efforts were to mitigate the damage.

The Playstation 3 was a MASSIVE risk. Hopefully they play it a little more safe this generation, becuase it can't be denied Sony's first party offerings deserve to continue and sell.

DarkMaulRises2112d ago

Who disagreed with DoctorNeferious comment. Light the torches guys we have an apple fanboy amongst us.

MikeMyers2111d ago

The PS3 didn't lose. In fact all 3 systems did well. The losers were the ones bickering back and forth in the forums for the past 6 or 7 years trying to get as much support as possible in some imaginary feud they created.

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TongkatAli2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

PS4 should come in three years. Let the others have a head start, make your money back Sony. You wanted to give the public innovative hardware by putting a blu ray player in the PS3 and it bit you in the ass. Cheap is the way to go for consumers.

HarryMasonHerpderp2112d ago

The Playstation brand is more for the hardcore market and Sony know this, an the hardcore market want a decent upgrade from the PS3.

TongkatAli2112d ago

I say take the PS2 strategy and put it on the PS3. There was a lot of hardcore games on the PS2 and F only taking care of one group in the market.

You gotta cover all your bases and not put all your eggs in one basket homie.

HarryMasonHerpderp2112d ago

Yeah I fully agree, but to keep the hardcore happy they will have to upgrade.
I have no problem with a console being full of games for the casual audience as long as the hardcore are catered to as well.
Like you said the PS2 strategy was a winner.
I suppose if they did go the cheap way like the Wii-U then they could pull off another PS2 success but ONLY if they have a ton of awesome games and support for the platform.

Who knows what they will do, it's exciting anyway! ^_^

Duck902112d ago

Yeah, a decent upgrade indeed. But i also want them to get the marketshare back they once had. They had no overpowered system with the ps2 but they had the great games.

Sanquine902112d ago

If they want to sell this 4k tv's please compare this tv to a regular 1080p tv's. Let us see the real difference and no shiny advertisment we can not understand.

PS the xperia Z will be my next phone:D Water resistent instant buy!

Duck902112d ago

Xperia Z looks awesome

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