Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of February 24th

Not a bad release list for February. PS3 owners the world over finally get to see what all the fuss is about with Capcom's Lost Planet (spoiler: not a lot) and the Lost game also hits shelves. Having seen very little of the title, PS3Fanboy is intrigued to see what it's like. Cautiously intrigued, but intrigued nonetheless. Hit the jump for the full release list:

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GametimeUK3942d ago

I can only imagine that this game "Lost" is based off the TV series... tbh the series never interested me and i always thought prison break was the better of the 2 (although i didnt watch a lot of lost)... I dont think i can see a smooth transition from any TV series into a game but if this turns out to be good i will be proven wrong...

As for Lost Planet... Am i the only one who actually thinks this is fun? well offline sucks imo but i loved online for my 360 and every night there was the same group of people setting up matches for fun and the community was awesome... The grenades were so much fun to toy about with and actually pretty much the wep's were pretty sweet... I think this game doesnt appeal to everyone (obviously) but its a pretty fun shooter online

jackdoe3942d ago

Prison Break better than Lost? Guess everyone has opinions, but seriously?

MACHone3942d ago

I'm actually really, really looking forward to Lost Planet. I got to play the first few stages of the single player on our Xbox 360 at work and I've recently tried the multiplayer demo on the PSN and I can't wait to play the whole thing! Giant bosses, great graphics, mech suits, what's not to love? I've always been a huge Capcom fan and I know already that I'll be spending plenty of time with this one!

MACHone3942d ago

OK, so I know the supposed release date for Lost Planet was stated to be February 26th a long time ago, and the PSN demo confirms a "February" release, but there's one little thing that concerns me. On the official US PlayStation website, there's a small scroll window that lists upcoming games (among other things) near the bottom of the page. My concern is that Lost Planet isn't on the list, yet games scheduled to come out before and after it are (Army of Two, etc.). Now, in the past, this little scroll section as signaled delays long before the delays were officially announced (Lair being my best example). Can anyone 100% assure me that the US will be seeing Lost Planet this week, or is there a chance of a delay?

Hydrollex3942d ago

April 29 ! The Day that I kill Alot of People ( in a game lol )

RAF-TECH3942d ago

I seriously have trouble in finding the expected date.

I have high hopes for that game

RAF-TECH3942d ago

It's a good sci-fi game.

pick it up.
I've played it and it's nice to have and it's a fun adventure.

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The story is too old to be commented.