R-rating risks influx of excessively violent games

The most violent video games available could soon be sold in Australia after the Federal Government said it was considering updating the classification system for games to include an R18+ rating.

Unlike films, magazines and other publications, there is no adult classification for games in Australia, so any titles that do not meet the MA15+ standard - such as those with excessive violence or sexual content - are banned from sale by the Classification Board. Any changes to the censorship regime must be agreed to by the Commonwealth and all state and territory attorneys-general.

A spokeswoman for the Minister for Home Affairs, Bob Debus, confirmed the issue of "whether or not to allow an R18+ classification" for games would be discussed at the next Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting on March 28.

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Yi-Long3890d ago

... cause that means they will now have the possibility to play some of the great game they wouldnt have been able to enjoy before.

Censorship and banning of certain videogames is never right.

ultraviolentz3890d ago

this is (potentially) pretty big news.

level 3603889d ago

Already heard a few positive and disturbing comments on the tellie here in Sydney...
Time will surely test if this would be any good for gamers' and a lot of concerned families.
Do agree banning certain videogames is not correct.