13 Games That Will Be Revealed In 2013

Richard Bailey of writes:
As the 2012 gaming season draws to a close, both consumers and analysts alike have already begun salivating over what possibilities lie ahead in 2013. While new consoles are poised to usher in the next generation of gaming experiences, the current cycle of platforms are also expected to go out strong with a wide variety of blockbuster titles. Both of these dynamics present an interesting problem in the sense that there are still plenty of titles being developed that we don’t know anything about yet. In this article, I will give my own personal thoughts on 13 games that I feel will be revealed at some point and time in 2013.

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majiebeast3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Killzone 4 Helghast campaign make it happen GG.

CanadianTurtle3727d ago

I don't know. I do love the Helghast more than the ISA. But at the same time, there's something about shooting the Helghasts that make the KZ games so much more fun to play. Shooting at the ISA might feel bland because well, they would make un-intersting looking enemies.

pixelsword3727d ago

The Helghast are more interesting because since Killzone 2 they've taken the emphasis off of the ISA and put it square on the Helghast.

3727d ago
fei-hung3727d ago

But what if the ISA soldiers start have evolved as the Helghast soldiers did due to the climate on planet Helghan and in Killzone 4, there are 3 factions:

1) The Helghast
2) The ISA - due to harsh conditions and prolongued stay on Helghan, they have to wear special suits and or masks.
3) Rogue ISA soldiers who have neither ISA nor Helghast. Mutilated and mutated by war and the climate, they have formed their own clan.

The geek inside me is salivating at the thought of a 3 way all out war.

knowyourstuff3727d ago

I would love playing as Hakha again from Killzone 1, you're a half Helghast half human spy infiltrating Helghast ranks, using Helghast weapons and machinery, would be totally sick to go back and forth between an ISA and an inside guy and seeing how each other's actions correlate, making things easier for the other person if you complete objectives, and not failing the mission if you fail an objective, it just makes things harder for the other campaign, see I'm full of ideas lol.

Reverent3727d ago

Don't forget that Jordan Stahl has his very own private army of Helgast soldiers that are bound only to him. His army could very well make another faction against both the ISA and the traditional Helgast army.

3727d ago
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IAMERROR3727d ago

Halo 5? Really doubt there will be a reveal this year, I'm guessing next year at the earliest. We might see a spin-off game or Halo 2 anniversary though.

ZombieNinjaPanda3727d ago

Does it not bother anyone that this article lists nothing but Sequels? Number 4, number 5, number three. Even Smash Bros is another sequel.

Rainstorm813727d ago

I agree but it's hard to predict new IPs and far too easy to predict sequels, which pretty much makes lists like these useless

TronEOL3727d ago

How would you predict a new IP? Of course the only realistic predictions we could make would be based on successful franchises.

ZombieNinjaPanda3727d ago

How can you predict a new IP? I don't know, "jouranlists" and people like Pacter seem to do it all the time. So why does this moment change any?

Rumplebumpkin3727d ago

I'd love to see this.
GG could just make every ISA Soldier into Rico type characters. I'd have no problem killing hordes of them if they did that.

showtimefolks3727d ago

killzone 4
Uncharted 4

at launch for ps4 would be killer for sony.

also what are sucker punch working on?
what about a proper ratchet game from insomniac?

saints row 4 but which publisher?(sony my wish but EA or activision will buy the IP or THQ)

alan wake 2 will not be a xbox360 exclusive is what my prediction is.(because MS doesn't own the IP and Alan wake on PC sold so well so it doesn't make sense to limit your sales to one)

halo 5 in 2013 isn't happening, 2014 for sure

crackdown 3? i hope MS pays proper attention to crackdown its just an under rated game that deserves better developer and better sales

how about Zelda on wii-u or a zelda HD collection on wii-u?

last guardian at launch with ps4
half-life 3 will be confirmed at E3
left for dead 3?

so many games could be announced on top of what we already know in q1-q2 of 2013 so it could be one of the biggest years in gaming history

Tikicobra3727d ago

I think the thing with first-person shooters is, when you have really cool enemies you want to play as them, but at the same time, the people you're shooting are more important than who you're playing as. Interesting enemies drastically improve the gameplay.

Reverent3727d ago

Exactly. There was a reason Colonel Radec was chosen to be Killzone's rep for PlayStation All Stars.

specialguest3727d ago

I really hope GG create a more compelling storyline for KZ4. The franchise excels in all areas except the story. I was a day1 buyer of KZ2&3 and love the games, but the story and characters were uninspired/boring.

Reverent3727d ago

The thing is, the KZ franchise does actually have a really good story. It's just that the story hasn't really been well executed yet, which you can hardly blame them considering how difficult it must be to construct a good story through the eyes of a single person in a first-person shooting game. I trust that GG well give us something amazing with KZ4.

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remanutd553727d ago

Motorstorm World Tour : most brutal, adrenaline pumping Motorstorm to date make it happen Evolution Studios!!!! and i hope Killzone 4 has 2 players co op online and we play as Isa and Helghast.

DA_SHREDDER3727d ago

Motorstorm 5 and Killzone 4 launch titles will definitely make me buy a ps4 day one.

DOMination-3727d ago

MS is terrible. Evolution should do something new. I think they will do the next wipeout anyway now SEE Liverpool merged.

Bathyj3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Disagree completely that MS is terrible. The best offroad racer going, but maybe they should reboot Rollcage with the Motorstorm brutality.

DOMination-3727d ago

Personally, I just don't like arcade racers with no depth to it like Motorstorm. I can appreciate the simplicity in just picking a race then race it but I need something a bit more than that.

Now that I'm not on my phone, let me explain about Wipeout. I hope they do a game like Fusion on the PS2. It didn't have the most memorable tracks but I loved the rpg elements where you levelled up and could upgrade your vehicles. WipeoutHD took a step backwards in that regard.

Anyway, I truly can't believe that NOBODY agrees with me - they would rather have another Motorstorm than something else? This is the same people on hate on Forza Horizon for being 'another Forza and not a new IP' when the reality is, it's a different experience. entirely. But you're all happy for another Uncharted, Killzone, GT and Motorstorm to be churned out?

chadboban3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Uncharted 4... Hmmmm, I have a feeling Nate is gonna break up with Elena between the storylines of Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4 only to wind back up with her in the end of Uncharted 4. I have no clue why my mind would think this but it's just a feeling I can't seem to shake off.

Also just bought the Killzone Trilogy and I'm enjoying it so far, so I can't wait to see what GG brings for Killzone 4.

A Smash Bros Wii U reveal would also make my year complete.

deafdani3727d ago

Break up with Elena? That would suck, because...


...they're married.


bratman3727d ago

what they could do is the bad guy kidnap her, and have nate and sully rescue her... whatever happens in uncharted 4, no kids I beg of you Naughty Dog.

deafdani3726d ago

Why no kids? Naughty Dog has already proven they can make pretty kick-ass kids (see: kid Nate in Uncharted 3)!


bratman3726d ago

the exception to the rule, but thats because that was nathan drake himself :P

wenaldy3727d ago

That capture trooper pic is so badass :)

r213727d ago

Indeed, would love to have it as a vita background :D

1Victor3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

@r21 just go to the site with the article on your vita hold on to the picture and it'll give you the option to save/download from there you can add it as a background on your vita(you can do this with almost any picture you find online ) .on topic now everyone knows its easier to predict sequels than new IP even tho we know they're in the making as we write .

th3n00bg4m3r3727d ago

Kill-Zone 4, make it happen, please.

Conzul3727d ago

That; inFamous 3; Uncharted 4; Gran Turismo 6, and I could die happy.