ChessMaster LIVE & Why you should know how to play chess

Lets be honest here. If you are on this site chances are you love video games. What attracts people to video games is usually the competitive nature of them, the graphics, the sound and a great plot. But no matter how pretty the game, no matter how epic the adventure, most games will at some point undoubtedley sit on a shelf collecting dust.

Now take a look at the wonderful game of chess. There is no denying that Chess is more popular then any video game that every existed. The fact that the game is still played today after over 500 years of existence is proof enough.

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permutated3888d ago

Chess is absolutely the most amazing strategy game ever made.

I used to play it with my grandfather before he passed. The man was an excellent chess player.

Capt CHAOS3888d ago

Try stratego, it's awesome.

Bnet3433888d ago

Chess sucks. Know why? No tie breaker.

Kyur4ThePain3888d ago

I find a swift kick in the groin usually works.

Skizelli3888d ago

That's just part of the strategy of it. Sometimes a player who is in danger of losing can sucker the other player into a stalemate.