Possible Pokemon X and Y Starter Evolutions

Pokemon X and Y were just announced yesterday but we may already know what the evolutions of the starters might look like.

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Pushagree3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I'm really hoping they will finally give evolutions/babies to the generation I pokemon that still don't have any. Farfetch'd, Lapras, Pinsir, Tauros, Kangaskhan, and Aerodactyl really need something to complete Gen I. It makes sense that ditto can't evolve, but the rest need to have an evolved form or a baby form.

Also Skarmory from Gen II really needs an evolved form. It's a pretty useless battle pokemon otherwise.

Blastoise3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Dude. No. They messed up a lot of old Pokemon with lame evolutions. Look at Togekiss, Magnezone and Magmortar.

I kinda agree about Skarmory. For a Pokemon that reaches level 100 at 1,250,000 Exp it's not all that powerful

Deku-Johnny3682d ago

Only first gen Pokemon that needs an evolution is Eevee. How cool would a dragon Eevee be?

ZombieNinjaPanda3682d ago


The hell you going on about? Magmortar is incredibly good. Same with Togekiss. Magnezone is just meh.

brodychet3682d ago

@Blastoise Togekiss is amazing. From a useless togepi, to something useful.

Nitrowolf23682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

have you read the conspiracy/myths behind it's evolution? The baby in it's pouch is a Cubone that later get's it's skull when the mother dies. It evolves, and murowal (sorry) evolves into Kangeskhan if it's a female.
also Missingno evolves into Kangaskhan, which mean originally they had something evolved into it, which is why i think it's cubone

Honestly would not mind that.

TruthbeTold3682d ago

I took out a tournament Mewtwo with my Special Defense heavy, careful nature Skarmory. Drill Peck, Toxic, Roost, Protect. W/Leftovers. It's already very heavy on defense. Now had the Mewtwo had an electric attack, it may have been a different story. But Skarmory, with the right configuration, and typically when used as a surprise can be a little monster.

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ShugaCane3683d ago

Those look more like Digimons, lol.

IAMERROR3683d ago

Have to agree but Froakie looks like neither... IMO
Overall I think the starters look better than last gen

GreenRanger3683d ago

It's just fan art by someone with a beard fetish.

HmongAmerican3683d ago

more like monster rancher.

PrimeLantern3683d ago

The frog beard and Fennekin's mane are pretty awesome. Nothing excites me about the Chespin design, though.

Krew_923683d ago

They seem legit or someone really has good talent.

R_A_LEE203683d ago

And at such speed too, no fan artist could create the 3 starter evo look alikes in less than 24hrs.

kirky123683d ago

A Chespin Evolution that is identical to this but more 'cartoony' was released on Deviant art last night only 2 hours after the trailer. and i mean the spike pattern is identical, also none of these are in Sugimori's art style.

TekoIie3683d ago

Was going to say that same thing :3

Seriously though they need to hire some new people since its kind of obvious they're running short of Ideas. With the 4th gen they created something that's either ridiculous or inspired by previous gens.

Wasn't many great Pokemon designs in 4th gen :(

Ezetta3683d ago

These aren't even in Sugimori's art style. Come on, guys. Use your head.

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The story is too old to be commented.