Good Reasons to Pick Up a Vita

The Vita had a rough start and it continues to face an uphill battle. Gamers complain about the lack of games, the price of memory cards, the issues with system updates, and a host of other things. Yet there are still a few reasons why picking up a Vita is a good idea, including cross play, cross buy, and PS+.

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tubers2267d ago

Nice.. specially if your a rich hipster!

*troll face*

*goes back into cave/basement*

jujubee882267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

~checks @tubers history. Notices it's full of VITA hate speech.

Oh, right. Nevermind. You deserve it.

TongkatAli2267d ago

Five bubbles! wow this is a Sony fanboy site. Saying it again, Nintendo fanboys are the worst.

Hingle_Mcringleberry2267d ago

Pretty sure both Nintendo and Xbox fans would disagree with you on that one. I won't say which fanboys are the worst but I'm sure you can deduce for yourself.

Perjoss2267d ago

Dont know which ones are worse, but on n4g at least the numbers of sony fanboys outnumber ms an ninty fanboys by quite a lot.

tiffac0082267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

^ and yet it seems a member that admittedly loves to troll the Vita (Sony) has a lot of bubbles? There must be something wrong with this site, if its really a Sony fanboy haven then.

kikizoo2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Perjoss, you are wrong, only more gamers than fanboys here, and gamers naturally love sony.

but fanboys can't undertstand that is logical to defend the best games, etc they only think "it's a sony exclusives, so the defender is obviously a sony fanboy".

ChronoJoe2267d ago


Everyone starts with 5 bubbles, you really shouldn't be surprised to see them. Bubbles are usually quite hard to lose unless you post something especially stupid.

tiffac0082266d ago

^ Aww man you guys started with 5 bubbles? When I became a member I started with only 3. I knew I should have became a member earlier when I found this site in 2010.

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majiebeast2267d ago

Nice system n4g this guy has 5 bubbles how? -Bubble for trolling.

MmaFan-Qc2267d ago


Better luck next time.

IRON883 2267d ago

Would like to get one but I'm just gonna wait for a price drop

Seraphim2267d ago

Black Friday? $180 COD/AC bundle @ Amazon w/ dl code for PS All Stars & 3 mo free Plus. Doesn't get much better priced than that. Glad I took advantage of it. Great system, some great games & you won't see it that cheap until maybe Nov.

born2live2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I guess you gotta own one to believe...

axerated2267d ago

Yeah that's true man, I picked one up last week and I'm very impressed with it. £160 on eBay with accessories and 4 games. Bargain

jujubee882267d ago

People who have never even owned one, when they first play some genre/IP they like on VITA, they swear by the VITA as a terrific gaming device.

Only killer is the upfront price and the memory card. Even than, I found my investment to be totaly sound and have never regreted buying my launch VITA once.

Not to brag or be a fanboy, I just really enjoy my VITA.

Veneno2267d ago

The game I swore by with Vita was Zen Pinball. I know its on PS3 too but its like pokemon on Nintendo, it just fits better for handheld.

porkChop2267d ago

What's really funny is that all you ever do on this site is talk shit about the Vita. Yet I've seen you on the GameTrailers forums, where you not only have a Vita, but you praise it. So fuck off with your bullshit trolling.

tubers2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I give it credit where it's due.

Check my recent posts in GT concerning OLED quirks. (tinted screen/ vertical lines.. I'm on to my fourth VITA)

I'm very ambivalent towards the VITA.

And it's only pretty recent that I've grown to love trolling. :D

At the end of the day, I'm still confident the VITA'd have it's own success before its life cycle ends. ;)

BlaqMagiq242267d ago


On your fourth Vita. Yeah sure you are /s

Protagonist2267d ago

He´s on his "fourth" VITA!!!

btw good looking out @porkChop

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KangarooSam2267d ago

Because it's a Vita.
Great games. Great hardware. Sony supports it. Convinced yet..?

EddieNX 2267d ago

Amen ,more of a Nintendo fan than anything else But I do have a PS3 and 360 aswell as my Wiiu and 3DS.

The vita is awesome. I hope it turns out as good as the psp (in terms of games) There is a few good games on it. But the library needs some more ''mega time consuming'' kinda games.

PSO2 is one of them. I spent a good 1000 hours on PSO episode 1 and 2 on gamecube , a few hundred on episode one on Dreamcast and a few more hundred on PSO Blue burst for PC.....

PSO epsiode 1 and 2 for Dreamcast/Gamecube/Xbox is one of my favorite games ever. I recently turned it on and it was so Nostalgic I nearly cried.

Yuji Naka is a god...

MasterCornholio2267d ago

ZOMG a Nintendo fan who buys a portable not made by nintendo? Its the end of the world i tell ya the end of the world.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o Miyamotos will summon the 4 horse men of Nintendo and destroy us all.

LOL just kidding but im glad to see that some people can be fans of something and still appreciate what others make.

BTW I love my Vita as well.

Sanquine902267d ago

Respect , bubble up! Same here more a SONY fan than anything else but sometime ago when the wii U launched i just have to have that awesome console. I am now playing a real survivor horror game > zombie U. Also 3DS >> Pokemon x and Y:D F*** Yeah

( Owner of 2 vita's speaking here) --> Real fanboys who hate other consoles you s***

BlaqMagiq242267d ago

You sir earned my respect with that comment.

DivineAssault 2267d ago

games & functionality are all the reasons one needs.. The thing is effin awesome & the best handheld ever made.. 2013 will be greatness especially with soul sacrifice coming! XD

eferreira2267d ago

Considering it's not a year old in NA and I already have 13 retail games and 5 downloads. Ya, my Vita got some use out of it.

GreenRanger2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I think Sony might announce a Vita revision soon. Here's what i'd like to see included:
Built in memory.
NFC technology to connect to phones for file transfer. (very unlikely)
A second front camera on the opposite side, above the D-Pad (because the camera lens can be used as an extra button like on Resistance: Burning Skies).
Coffee cup holder.
Slot for spare change.
A third analog stick, which will go on the screen.
A detachable X button. (for replacing the X button with another X button)
A button on the side for something.
And finally, a built in dog whistle.
The Vita is already awesome, but if Sony add in the above features, it'll outsell everything in existence combined.

born2live2267d ago

and a flashlight,
a solar panel,
a handbrake,
an ashtray,
a fan,
you beat me on the cup holder,
a bottle opener,
a saw,
a USB toothpick,
a knife,
a spork,
and a toothbrush.

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