Rumour: DmC Play Tester Leaks Everything

Over the weekend, an alleged play tester for DmC decided to leak key details about DmC's ending, as well as the true nature of the game.

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prototypeknuckles3019d ago

if this is true, for one thank god vergil doesnt trun into a dinosaur, because althoygh that would be funny, i just would lose all hope , but that ending is just a big fail.

DragonKnight3019d ago

What I found interesting was reading through the forum page, everyone said it was fake but no one could give a really legitimate reason as to why. What is different about this leak is that it is surprisingly detailed, and the OP answers questions asked to him. That doesn't automatically mean it's true, but it certainly appears to be a hell of a lot more plausible given his confidence in what he says, and that what he says isn't all that far fetched.

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cferretrun3019d ago

While this seems more plausible than the dinosaur leak thing, it doesn't really go hand-in-hand with NT and Capcom's motivation for the reboot. The entire idea of the reboot was to be so far away from the original titles that it didn't interfere with the storylines of 1-4. This leak is a blatant contradiction of that, so much so that it seems absolutely ludicrous. I mean, like I said, Capcom has been stubborn in their claims that if they wanted to make another DMC number title they would have done it themselves as opposed to involving NT.

I dunno, I'm pretty skeptical about it. Isn't it always the super disgruntled employee of somewhere that posts these? So and so posted inside information about McDonalds, or the local movie theater. Most of the time it ends up being way over-exaggerated half-truth, other times its just blatantly fake.

We all knew Vergil would be a boss. He is, and always will be Dante's antagonist. I even assumed without these "leaks" that he would have more than his one form. Didn't he have multiples in the older games? I mean that's just taking an assumption and painting imaginative facts about the design. Im sure he'll end up with some terrifying demon wings- Ok, he's half demon. Your point?

As far as the clone scenario- Again. NT and Capcom have been all over separating the original franchise from this reboot. Why the hell would they overwork their PR just to do this nonsense in the end.

It's all way too fishy and circumstantial. Plus Capcom was quick to declare that other leak silly and false.

VileAndVicious3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Well apparently as of Jan 6th Tameem has already gone on record stating that this particular leak is false as well.

"@ejinshin Refuting misinformation on DmC could be a full time job. Yes leak is BS. The truth is out in 10 days. Be patient :)"

Guess we have to play it to find out.

cferretrun3019d ago

Then may this article never see the light of day, for I fear flaming and burning would set it up to 350o in like a second.

prototypeknuckles3019d ago

i agree the truth is soon to come, ive already got my rent from gamefly ready so i can review it for my self.

DragonKnight3019d ago

Yeah, because Tameem is really going to come out and say "Well, there you go, he got us. That's really how the game goes so no need to buy it now."

Even if what the person said was the word for word script Tameem and Capcom would deny it. Come on now, surely you don't think otherwise. You can't be that naive despite your love of terrible games.

VileAndVicious3019d ago


He could be lying. But the opposite could also be true.

Then theres the fact that there have already been like 3 different supposed leaked endings all of which have nothing to do with one another and arent even remotely similar.

So...Im inclined to believe this is false. But Ill know for sure once Ive played it.

...Unless of course you have proof that it is true?

DragonKnight3019d ago

Of course I don't have proof. The only thing I have is the tone of the post and the fact that he so readily and easily answered the questions posed to him. Everyone in that thread said it was a fake but didn't give any good reason why. The thing to remember is that no developer is ever going to admit to a leak no matter what, and just because the leak allegedly goes against what Capcom supposedly wanted for this game, doesn't mean that Capcom aren't full of it and were lying from day one (which they've already done on numerous other/unrelated issues), or that they didn't change the game and ended up with this.

This post has probably the best chance of being true, Capcom and Ninja Theory will NEVER admit to it because that would destroy their sales if they did, but if it turns out to be true then... well we'll see.

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Omnislash3019d ago

Even if this leak is real or fake, dont waste your money on that garbage game....

Buy DMC HD or something.

csreynolds3018d ago

Haters gon' hate. That's all I'm going to say, and you can contextualise the meaning behind my comment however you wish.

OmegaSlayer3018d ago

I found interesting that Dave Cook mentioned Ikaruga, saying that people will understand after the play through.
Maybe this story is Mundus brainwashing Vergil to make him become Nelo Angelo, who knows...
Anyway I doubt the story will be even remotely good.

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