GDC Q&A: Frontier's Braben On WiiWare Launch Title LostWinds

As The Outsider and Thrillville studio Frontier Developments announces LostWinds, its 3D platformer WiiWare launch title, Gamasutra talks to studio founder David Braben about the game's collaborative genesis and his thoughts on the WiiWare service and downloadable landscape as a whole.

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sak5003890d ago

Comeon Braben, send some Elite love to our next gen consoles. It would be amazing to play it and im not talking about XBL arcade kind of game but real 3d with trading and fighting.

KeiZka3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Have you ever tried Freelancer, or any mods for it? It's quite nice, and you can play with friends... though it's a bit too open ended at times. And it gets dull since there are only fighters and freighters to fly, without mods that is. But a rather nice game overall, in the spirit of elite.

Also, X-series? X3: The Reunion is quite good since it actually feels more simulator -like compared to Freelancer.

sak5003889d ago

Yeah ure' right about those games. X3 used to be system hog back then dint try it on newer hardware though.

KeiZka3889d ago

It still is quite a system hog, truth to be told, but I enjoyed it immensely with 8800GTS (320mb), 4400+ and 2 gigs of ram. Worked adequately for me (as in didn't slow anywhere in a particularly annoying fashion).