Wii production ahead of schedule

Nintendo has reportedly already manufactured 2 million Wii consoles as of the end of the third quarter 2006, and is planning on having 7 million (potentially 9 million) more by the end of the fourth quarter of 2006.

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Islandkiwi5906d ago

This article, oddly enough, gave me a flash of uncertainty....kind of like a Gamecube deja vu. Like they're trying to sell as many as they can right away, then it will vanish.

I'm thinking that's unlikely, but it was still a strange feeling to have over such an incredibly positive article.

calderra5905d ago

Or to get the units to people quickly before the novelty wears off? Meh.

I'm out of the Wii on price. $250 for the console, $60 for a wand+nunchuk, plus I'd have to install the lightbar on top of my TV... it's just too much hassle at this point.

TR0N5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

that everything is so rosy in nintendoland. yes, is it a shame because i dont care how innovative their controller is, "next generation" always implies 'graphics' and what you are getting with the wii is essentially an xbox1 which is last gen. Think about it there has never been a console to make a profit off of the actual hardware it self but now nintendo is all proud that they will make a profit. I,d rather have an xbox1 than a wii because at least i'd be getting a harddrive and dvd player and at a lower price. If wii is very successful that will be the proof that alot of gamers are morons because WII IS A RIPOFF. I wouldnt pay more than $150 for a new wii.

PS360WII5905d ago

the top artical on the tabs. You know the one about the guy saying next-gen is not all about graphics?

TR0N5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

i dont agree with him because if it wasnt about graphics then why did sony and microsoft opt to create such powerfull consoles. remember they are called VIDEO games not innovation games or anything else. Graphics IS the single most important thing in a video game.

PS360WII5905d ago

what are you saying the wii is only 8-bit or something? No, the wii does have graphical power. They just don't support the 5% of people who have hi-def. So you can have amazing looking games for the Wii just not 1080p.. boohoo right

Islandkiwi5905d ago

I mean, personally I feel Nintendo is taking a good approach...they're going to have load of them available, and if the gameplay is fun they'll sell millions. I'm looking forward to Zelda and a new Animal Crossing. And that's why I thought it odd that I got the sense of foreboding when reading this article.

It's great news if they have that many...we'll just have to wait and see how the games are.

bszelda5905d ago

This is GREAT! I'm glad to see nintendo being ahead of schedule! I hope there WILL be more than expected at launch cuz i don't wanna wait in a 10 hour long line just to buy it like the 360..............