Smash Bros. Wish-List: All Nintendo Edition

IGN have done an article guessing which top 10 characters could make it into the next super smash bros.
here is there explanation:

'With Super Smash Bros. Brawl a little over a month away, we here at Stars are as excited as you are to get our hands on some quality gameage. We've ranked the Vets, the Newbies, and the non-Nintendo brawlers that shoulda made the cut and hopefully will in a future Brawl.

Now, Stars goes to the Big N's vault of characters for our list of ten Smashers that should have not only made the most recent line-up, but should someday find their way into the next installment of Brawl.

As always, IGN Stars weighed several factors before committing to this list. We considered popularity, likelihood, potential game mechanics, fighting style and editor's preference. If there's a name or two on this list you love, or downright loathe, tell us all about it in the Comments section. And also vote for your favorite character in the poll below. Remember, this list is partially compiled by what you, the reader, want to see and play, so your vote counts.'

The top 3 votes are at the moment (on the 25/02/08) as follows

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princejb1343893d ago

yea who cares bout that next smash bros if we dont even have brawl yet
and the next smash brothers will be like 6-8 years from now

Tempist3893d ago

Are people that pre-unsatisfied with a game already? Some one's being a massive debbie downer.