Xbit Labs: Intel Skulltrail Platform Review

All in all, Xbit Labs can probably regard Intel Skulltrail as yet another demonstration of Intel's technological superiority. Maybe, if AMD didn't give up their dual-socket FASN8 enthusiast platform, Skulltrail could have become much more user friendly. However, now that there is simply no competition, it looks like Intel engineers didn't want to invest too much effort in adapting server components for desktop use. As a result, the platform Xbit Labs saw today impresses them mostly with its specifications and looks, but doesn't prove up to their expectations in action.

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gta_cb3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

this is why competition is good, and which is why we should all hope AMD get their act together asap! even the Intel Fanboys (if there are any on this site lol)