Five GameCube Games That Should Come To Wii

Throughout the GameCube's life Nintendo released a plethora of first-party exclusive titles that provided gamers world-wide with hours and hours of top quality, classic Nintendo gaming.

Sadly, the fortunes of Nintendo's ill-fated GameCube were never revived, but, given the success of the Wii, the purple 'Cube has left behind a huge back catalogue of games that could be remade and targeted at a whole new audience.

Here are the top five games (in no particular order) NintendoLife would love to come to the Wii.

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AcroMonolith3890d ago

I think it's a bad move to do things like this for Nintendo. The Wii is getting flooded with remakes and cruddy ports that aren't accentuating it's potential. There are a few really great games out for wii, but for every good game for wii, there's about a thousand junk games that were really only made to cash in on Nintendo's new console. I really might vomit if i see another terrible port or remake. If these 5 games the article mentions are simply duplicated and slapped with new controls, it is a disgrace to gaming. I can understand making an entirely new game or a sequel to these 5 games, but never a duplicate. The wii is getting a bad rep because of crappy games and horrid developers. Anyone Agree?

Ivix3890d ago

I somewhat agree. But I would like to see an online F-Zero (although I would probably get crushed by online opponents) and a Pikmin for the Wii. But yeah, I think what the Wii really needs a fresh, new, exclusive, killer IP that makes the gaming world get all revved up. Smash Bros. and Mario Kart are going to be great and all, but the experience is not going to be too much different from what we've had before (except for Wi-Fi play).

MACHone3890d ago

Ports? No. Sequels? Yes. Pikmin 3 would be a no-brainer for the Wii, but Pikimin 2: Wii Edition would be a mistake. The same goes for Animal Crossing, which I think would also work great on the Wii. The thing with Nintendo is, you can pretty much guarantee you'll see all your trademark Nintendo characters in their very own titles sooner or later -- and rightly so, because that's one of the things everyone loves about Nintendo. Remember, after Brawl and Mario Kart, Nintendo is still going to need some huge first party titles to keep the Wii pumpin', so by all means expect to see your Star Fox and your Kirby and whatnot somewhere down the line. The thing I want to see is some more original, first-party Nintendo IPs. Or how about a remake of Kid Icarus or Ice Climbers?

JVC063890d ago

i would like to see Pilotwings for the Wii and also Punchout! Those two games missed out for a few years now and I think they both would work very well with the new controllers! Do it Nintendo!

Genki3890d ago

Keep shoveling enough GC ports over to the Wii, and consumers may start feeling cheated. I know I would be.

Yes, we're all aware that the console isn't quite the leap that the 360 and PS3 are to their respective descendants.

Thing is, a new console should mean new, compelling software tailored to the new machine.

Porting old games to the new machine isn't good...that's what backward compatibility is for.

Make new software that revolves around the controls and takes advantage of what the system was built to do.

SlyGuy3890d ago

Pikmin 2 was da bomb!

SinnedNogara3538d ago

Geist, a Metroid Prime 2 online, and some other great GameCube FPS games would be great.

BLACK with Xbox graphics, online play, and new weapons would be great also!!!!!!!