The Most Destructive Gun in FPS history

This gun will turn around and help you.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3888d ago

lol anyone saw mars attack? where maritians died from country music.

anyway most destructive gun in fps is redemeer from ut

Omegasyde3888d ago

negative, the redeemer is weak compared to the chronosceptor in Turok (N64)..........

TTurok also sported some BFG-kinda gun that shot a pink energy bubble which nuked almost the whole level.

Kleptic3887d ago

^^^^the Fusion Cannon...that and the 'septer were both nuts...

but yeah...the reedemer is crazy as well, and is better at killing tons of enemies than almost any gun from an fps...but nothing looked as crazy as the chronosepter with those crazy lightning like strikes it created...

GodsHand3887d ago

Funny I never found that weapon. But it was funny to see.

I agree, those weapons from Turok were to crazy, no man should ever have that power.

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bozobucketeer3888d ago

Why did he get a disagree?

Daxx3888d ago

Because he said the R word.

Omegasyde3887d ago

This video has Transformers Fighting Cloud from FFVII.

After seeing the video you will understand how you got rick rolld.

IzKyD13313888d ago

that gun would be even MORE destructive if it played Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" people would run for their lives in fear for their ass's

InMyOpinion3887d ago

That's the most sold record in history. I think people would dance ;)

Skerj3888d ago

That has to be the most epic freaking weapon EVER.

WAR_MACHINE773887d ago

the only way that could do even more damage is if the alt fire is Holy Diver by Dio.

Leathersoup3887d ago prevent the player from dying?

TwissT3888d ago

You have just been RICK ROLLED!

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The story is too old to be commented.