Gears of War 2: Experts weigh in

GamesRadar writes:

"On Wednesday, with the official announcement that Gears of War 2 was releasing this November, every gamer's life transformed. At least every 360 gamer's. At least a little.

Suddenly, our outlook on the year ahead changed. Suddenly, we had a massive milestone to anticipate. Suddenly, the holidays looked a lot further away. Suddenly, Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 lost a bit of their shiny, new luster. Suddenly, the original Gears had to be pulled back out and re-examined."

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Expy3891d ago

If you really want to call that trailer a "tech demo" then go ahead. But I've seen better "trailers" and "tech demos" on all next-gen platforms.

RAF-TECH3891d ago

i dunno about you.
but Gears of War is still the best looking game. and it runs very well while playing.

Jason 360_Niglet3891d ago

On the biggest pile o crap ever.

MiniMii3891d ago

What a load of crap indeed. Those shameless fanboys talk like as if a MEGATON dropped on GDC, when it was just barely better than lasts years MSs keynote (which was ultra boring).

They didnt even show anything in game. And the stuff they do with UE3.0 is already done on the PS3 with far better results. To see the 360 finally have an engine that can pull of softbodies, advanced lighting, advanced water effects, fire effects, destructible environments, one year after Sonys PS3, is a fking joke. The 360 is out for 1 year and half longer.

We should all welcome xbots to next gen gaming. So, xbots, welcome to fking NEXT GEN GAMING. I guess its true what Sony said after all: "Next gen gaming doesnt start untill PS3 arrives".


Oh and BTW even with GOW2, that pathetic line up is heavily overshadowed by PS3s non beatable line up.

wow4u3891d ago


What game can you play that have those features? Its not resistence. Nope. Not Uncharted. Nope again.

You're talking about things you've seen in demos.

Like always, Xbox 360 owners are *PLAYING* features that PS3 owners only see in marketing.

A great example is User Generated Content. Users are using The Forge in Halo 3 today -- where is your LBP? Oh, only in marketing.

The reality is that Xbox 360 is delivering *TODAY* and will continue to deliver, while the Playstation 3 is all undelivered promises.

theyellaboi443891d ago

To me Oblivion has been the best game this gen so far and the only one that truly passed everyones expectations

kevanio093891d ago

did you see the trailers beforehand for oblivion?

radiant AI, characters having real lives...promised but not put in, the list goes on, but oblivion was a gigantic let down

There are no consequences for anything, you can take all quests,psychic guards,most of the dialogue for npc's is the same..every nordic male sounds the same, it promised to be better than morrowind, and look what happened there.

I mean yeah i loved it, but it did not live up to any of its potential at all

Eamon3891d ago

I am just wondering what graphical enhancements Gears 2 will have.

Gears of War was easily the best looking game of 2006.

I wonder if its sequel might be the best looking game of 2008

Genki3891d ago

What are experts when it comes to Gears of War 2?

My goodness, how pretentious will the media get...

iceice1233891d ago

Gamesradar calling themselves experts..lolwut?

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The story is too old to be commented.