GamesRadar: The 10 worst consoles ever

GamesRadar writes:

"Home videogame consoles have been around for well over 30 years now, and in an industry that moves this fast, that means a lot of wreckage left smoldering by the side of the road. A lot. Those of us who follow the console-gaming industry tend to view the last three decades as a race between companies like Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft, but in fact they've just been the last ones left standing - for every one of their successes, there's about five or six other consoles and companies that were almost immediately abandoned and forgotten."

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BLUR1113887d ago

why was virtual boy only at 10 that should be in top 3 worst. I mean anything that might would give you a seizure should be at #1 i would guess

iceice1233887d ago

Shouldn't the worst console be the one with no games to justify its price? So it is pretty clear the PS3 is infact the worst console ever. 400$ paperweight that can play some movies, wow...

tatotiburon3887d ago

let see wich console have ANY GOTY so far? and the biggest FLOP in modern history (LAIR)?

Alcaponeyou3887d ago

no games and it outsold the 360.
you xbots self owned ur self.
but why am i surprised?

heyheyhey3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

actually the biggest flop in modern history is Vampire Rain

but its one of the few TRUE exclusives for the 360 so enjoy
(unless this one is on PC AS WELL- not too sure)

and your an idiot- the Wii has GOTY 2007 (SMG) and both consoles and the PC have GOTY 2006 (Oblivion)

and the game that came close to GOTY in 2007 is also on PC


AllroundGamer3887d ago

biggest FLOP in modern history? do you know Bomberman Act Zero and Hour of Victory? both on your precious xbox360 exclusive...

Bomberman: Act Zero (Avg Ratio: 34%) -

Hour of Victory (Avg Ratio: 37%) -

Lair (Avg Ratio: 55%) -

so even in the worst games category, the xbox wins again :D damn!

tatotiburon3887d ago

hahahaha yes because Microsoft push Hour of Victory and Bomberman as a AAA title right? and all the xbox fans only said "wait to hour of victory come out" hahaha denial sonykids, i remember your wordS "wait for LAIR" and Sony "LAIR is going to be awesome, a AAA" hahaha FLOP!!!

tatotiburon3887d ago

heyheyhey you fanboy moron piece of ****, i asked wich console have ANY GOTY, i know wii goty, i have it all, and i also have all xbox 360 GOTY, do you have any PS3 GOTY? oh wait wich are GOTY?

ambientFLIER3887d ago

The only reason the PS3 has ANY sales is because old people buy it to play movies. LOL. Otherwise it would have a 100,000 userbase right now. PS3 FOR THE WIN...I MEAN LOSE!!!

phonyforceslayer3887d ago

is E.T for the atari i think. that was so bad.

heyheyhey3887d ago


you must be the dumbest person in all of history

so why has the PS3 had around 10 1mil sellers and 3 2mil sellers and so on?

and why does PS3 have the highest sales/install base ratio for most modern games?

but yeah of course we are all just movie fanatics

fcuking retard

The Closing3887d ago

@Ambient: "The Whole people are buying ps3 for bluray is complete bs. Lets see hd dvd players Sold 1 million units a lot of which were add ons from GAMERS who happen to own hi def tvs. If Bluray wasn't included it's not like it would have sold much more, and again most of them would've been gamers anyhow. So far Ps3 sold not 1 but 10 million you do the math smart guy."

The Closing3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

lmao at the thought of there being some one dumb enough out there who believes old people would buy a video game system to play movies. Old people aren't really all that interesting in HD to begin with, and they especially don't want a player that to them is overly complicated. The advantage of the ps3 is not its price tag anymore, but the ability to upgrade the system, which is something a semi savvy tech person who mostly likely plays video games would know how to do not an old person.

No but now that we're on the topic take a guess what system old people do like? That would be the wii so if you're going to thank them then thank them for helping the sales for gamecube version 1.5.

ambientFLIER3887d ago

Wow, you guys talk complete trash about the 360, yet get so butthurt when I do the same about the PS3. Lol.

The Closing3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Makes sense since I pretty much praised both the 360, and the ps3 earlier in this thread if you took the time to read.

Hey at least you should feel honored the wii was even mentioned in the same post. Most of the time the majority of gamers are too busy arguing about the real competition.

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GODofDOOMS3887d ago

Shouldn't the worst console be the one thats the worst hardware(xbox

it did say "The 10 worst consoles ever" do you see games in that title? and with the HD-DVD drive wi-fi and more i think that be more then $400....and xbox live (like 5 years) so thats $200.. it dont look so good and didnt xbox 360 have heaps of bad games in its first year??(other then gears) dont make yourself look like a fool.

GODofDOOMS3887d ago

theres a console in their that costs $2k!! and only 2 decent game golf and car whoever bought that must of been crazy or fliping rich! or a really boring person (my dad he loves golf)

Phaqutomb3887d ago

man i had the 32x and i was let down when the dropped. i also loved my jaguar but really couldn't stand the control's. they were to bulky. I wonder why they didn't put in the coleco vision with the atari 2600 add on.