Game Revolution: Turok Review

Game Revolution writes: The new Turok is set in the future, on a distant planet populated by dinosaurs. Rather than the time-travel device of the earlier game, this Turok is firmly set in the science-fiction world of James Cameron's Aliens. Beginning with the opening sequence, which is a pitch-perfect reproduction of Signourney Weaver's introduction to the Colonial Marines, Turok tracks the tried-and-true action storyline.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't have much more going for it. The graphics are mediocre, and distinguishing between some of the environment textures causes remarkable eye-strain. Pushing through waves of enemies is fairly standard, and though the dinosaurs are blessed with intelligence, their human counterparts are not. Enemy agents will pour out of their spawn points heedlessly. In one precious scene, they do so for about five minutes straight, walking out of their fortress and into the waiting mouth of a T-Rex.

+ Smart Dinosaurs
+ Voice-acting
+ Alternate-firing Weapons

- Twitchy Aiming
- Lousy Multiplayer
- Generic Story

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